The Pirates of Malabar
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==Abdul Guffoor, his ship seized off Surat; his ship, Futteh Mahmood, taken by Every; incites the natives of Surat against the English. 
==Adams, Mr., sends relief to Anjengo. 
==Addison, the, East Indiaman, commanded by Boone, against Kennery;consultation on board. 
==Adventure galley, the, fitted out as a privateer; commanded by Kidd; size and defence of; anchors off Johanna; anchors at Perim; flies English colours at Carwar; sails to Calicut; chased by two Portuguese vessels; chases the Sedgwick; her crew divide the spoil of the Quedah Merchant; becomes unseaworthy; her owners not inculpated by Kidd. 
==Advice, the, King's ship, under Warren. 
==Affleck, Mr., owner of the London. 
==Aislabie, William, President of Bombay, his negotiations with Angria; sails for England; begins building the church at Bombay; his armed yacht taken by Angria. 
==Algerine, the. See Soldado, the. 
==Alibagh fort, unsuccessfully assaulted by the English and Portuguese; taken by Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Anglesea the, man-of-war. 
==Anglesea the, French man-of-war, attacks the Anson; 
==Angria, Conajee (Kanhojee), pirate, rise of the power of; succeeds to the command of the Mahratta navy; styled Darya-Saranga; destroys the Bombay frigate; fortifies Kennery; attacks the Godolphin; concludes a treaty with the Mahrattas; becomes an independent chief; captures the Anne ketch; his ships attack the Somers and Grantham; captures a Portuguese 'armado'; opens negotiations with the English; articles of agreement delivered to, by Lieutenant Mackintosh; his territory a refuge for desperadoes; defies Governor Boone; fruitless attack made on his fort at Gheriah; offers terms to Governor Boone; negotiates with the English through Sahoojee; his ships burnt in Gheriah harbour; makes a treaty with the Portuguese; fits out an expedition against Carwar; his commodore killed and ship taken; his power weakened; his treatment of Curgenven; his death.
==Angria, Mannajee, illegitimate son of Conajee Angria; quarrels with Sumbhajee; takes Colaba; imprisons Yessajee; his relations with the English; captures Caranjah; seizes Bombay ships; Captain Inchbird sent to punish; his territories attacked by Sumbhajee; increase of power of. 
==Angria, Sakhajee, son of Conajee Angria; establishes himself at Colaba; dies. 
==Angria, Sumbhajee, son of Conajee Angria; quarrels with Mannajee; his gallivata captured; captures the Derby; opens negotiations with Bombay; his fleet chased by Bagwell; takes the Jupiter; attacks Mannajee's territories; his camp bombarded by Inchbird; retreats from Colaba; makes overtures of peace to Bombay; captures the Salamander; dies.
==Angria, Toolajee, illegitimate son of Conajee Angria; taken prisoner by Mahrattas; succeeds Sumbhajee; captures the Princess Augusta; sacks Mangalore and Honore; captures the Restoration; captures trading boats; chases the Tartar; attacks the Ruby; takes the Swallow; proposes terms to the Bombay Council; the English co-operate with the Peishwa against; his fleet chased by James; his fort at Severndroog bombarded; the Council's orders as to terms of capitulation with; leaves Gheriah and treats with the Mahrattas;   warns his brother-in-law against surrendering Gheriah; his person demanded from the Mahrattas; his fleet destroyed at Gheriah; imprisoned for life by the Mahrattas; escape of his sons from captivity. 
==Angria, Yessajee, illegitimate son of Conajee Angria; imprisoned by Mannajee.
==Anjediva, island, part of Brown's fleet finds refuge at; Portuguese fort on.
==Anjengo, the Dutch oust the Portuguese from; English factory and fort at; unrest at; massacre of the English at; state of the garrison at; fort at, besieged; the Company's goods at, plundered; monopoly of pepper trade at, secured to the Company; the Company's remarks on trade at.
==Anne, the, grab, taken by Toolajee Angria.
== Anne, ketch, the, sails for Bombay; how protected; attacked and captured by Angrian ships; recovered from Angria; taken by Sumbhajee Angria.
==Annesley, Daniel, President of Surat, imprisoned.
==Anselme, Captain, commander of the Derby, purposely delays his ship; surrenders the Derby to Angria.
==Anson, the, East Indiaman, attacked by French man-of-war.
==Antelope, the, taken by the Coolee rovers.
==Apollo, the, French man-of-war, attacks the Anson.
==Arabs, the, of Muscat, pirates; attack the Company's ship President; ravage Salsette.
==Armenian merchants, their complaints of pirates.
==Armenian ships, plundered by pirates.
==Ashure, Rani of Attinga, the English settle in her territory; dies.
==Attinga, monopoly of the pepper trade at, granted to the English; internal divisions in; massacre of the English from Anjengo at. 
==Attinga, Rani of, the, blockades the English at Anjengo; makes peace with the English; yearly presents to; sends food to the besieged at Anjengo; disclaims participation in the massacre of the English; requests Orme to be chief at Anjengo; to compensate for attack on Anjengo. See also s.v. Ashure. 
==Augusta, the, taken by Toolajee Angria.
==Aungier, Gerald, President of Bombay, quells mutiny among the soldiers.
==Aurungzeeb, Mogul Emperor; his ship, Gunj Suwaie, taken by Every; story of the capture of his granddaughter; his order to imprison the English in Surat and Bombay; holds the English responsible for loss of the Quedah Merchant; reverses his order to stop European trade;   death of.

==Babington, Philip, Irish pirate; commands the Charming Mary.
==Bab's Key. See PERIM.
==Bagwell, Commodore; chases Sumbhajee Angria's fleet into Rajapore river.
==Bahama Islands, the; a haunt of pirates. 
==Ballajee Bajee Rao, the Peishwa's son; attacks Sumbhajee Angria's camp; his alliance with the English.
==Ballajee Rao. See PEISHWA, THE. 
==Bandara; shelled by the English.
==Bankote; to be made over to the English; surrender of, to the Mahrattas;   surrender of, to the English. 
==Bassein, besieged by the Mahrattas. 
==Bellamont, Lady; Kidd's present to. 
==Bellamont, Lord;  supports syndicate to send out a privateer against French commerce; appointed Governor of New York; obtains a commission for Kidd; arrests Kidd; said by Kidd to have French passes of captured ships; accused of complicity in Kidd's piracies. 
==Bellamy, Lieutenant; killed before Alibagh. 
==Bengal galley, the; engages Portuguese grabs; attacked off Colaba and boarded by Angrian ships. 
==Benjamin yacht, the; unmolested by pirates. 
==Benjimolly the; taken by Toolajee Angria.
==Berkeley, Lieutenant; fights a duel with Lieutenant Stepney. 
==Berlew (? Bellew), Captain; directs attack on Gheriah; 
==Beyt, pirates from. 
==Bhyroo Punt. See PEISHWA, THE. 
==Blackbeard. See TEACH, EDWARD. 
==Bomanjee, a Parsee broker; arrest of, for fraud; his cause espoused by Matthews. 
==Bombay, its defenceless position; seized by Keigwin for the King; surrendered to Grantham; Boone builds a wall round; conditions imposed by the Portuguese at the cession of; increased reputation of the English at; council-of-war held at; freed from the pirates; state kept up by the Company's servants at.
==Bombay Council, conclude a six months' truce with Sumbhajee Angria; send warning to merchantmen of French man-of-war; their reply to Toolajee Angria's overtures; co-operate with the Peishwa against Toolajee Angria; terms of agreement between the Mahrattas and; their instructions to Olive and Hough; proceed against Mrs. Gyfford. 
==Bombay frigate, the, destroyed by Angria's vessels.
==Bombay galley, the, engages Portuguese grabs; attacked off Colaba by Angrian ships; sent against the Angrian fleet. 
==Bombay Marine Battalion, formation of. 
==Bonnell and Kynaston, partners of Porter; action brought against, by the East India Company. 
==Boone, Charles, President of Bombay; his character and capacity; fleet organized by; failure of his attempt on Vingorla; sends an expedition to Gheriah; plans an attack on Kennery; his opinion of the Company's military; rejects Angria's terms; builds the Phram, a floating battery; builds a wall round Bombay; his trouble with the Portuguese; plans a second expedition against Gheriah; orders Brown to engage the Madagascar pirates; plans a fresh attack on Angria; his disappointment at failure of the expedition against Colaba; intrigues against; embarks for England; attacked on his homeward journey by Angria; rescues a ship from the Kempsant's grabs; succeeded by William Phipps; abolishes the public table at Bombay. 
==Boscawen, Admiral, leaves four ships to protect the coast of India.
==Bourbon, Isle of, the Nostra Senhorade Cabo taken by pirates at; governor of, compelled to countenance pirates; Matthews trades at. 
==Bourchier, Richard, President of Bombay, strengthens alliance with the Peishwa.
==Bowen,--, pirate, commands the Speedy Return. 
==Brabourne, John, procures grant of Anjengo for the English; completes the fort at Anjengo; leaves Anjengo. 
==Braddyll, Mr., member of Bombay Council, intrigues against Boone; is protected by Matthews. 
==Braddyll, Mrs., taken to Surat by Matthews. 
==Brathwaite, Lieutenant, of the Lyon leads the assault on Alibagh; made captain of the Exeter. 
==Bridgewater, the, blockades Gheriah. 
==Bridgman, Henry. See EVERY, HENRY. 
==Brinjone. See VILLANJUEN. 
==Bristol, the, taken to Sumatra on a piratical cruise. 
==Britannia, the, Company's armed ship, built at Carwar, by Boone's orders; sent to attack Vingorla; takes part in the attack on Kennery; sent in search of pirates. 
==Brown, Walter, factor, commands Company's troops;  serves on the Addison against Kennery; commands the expedition against Gheriah; cowardice and incompetency; plans a night surprise on Gheriah; abandons the attack on Gheriah and Deoghur; his fleet chased by the pirates; orders the Phram to be burned; sent in search of pirates; chases the Cassandra and Victory; sent to Anjengo to accommodate matters. 
==Buchanan, Captain, holds Gheriah after its capture. 
==Burton, Mrs., escapes from Anjengo. 
==Byng; Sir George, First Lieutenant of the Phoenix.

==Caesar, the, engages with pirates. 
==Calicut, Kidd's letter of protest to the factory at; relief sent to Anjengo from.
==Carolina, North, pirates off the coasts of; governor of, intimidated by Teach; planters at, seek assistance from Virginia. 
==Carpenter's Bay, Mauritius, message from the pirates found at. 
==Carwar, Kidd's visit to; factory at, besieged by the Sunda Rajah; part of Brown's fleet escapes to; threatened by Angria's forces; Captain Hudson entertained at; Hamilton's account of. 
==Cassandra, the, Company's ship (later a Madagascar pirate ship), her fight with pirates; taken by England; falls in with Brown's fleet; chases the English fleet to Goa; spoil from, presented to the daughter of the Governor of Cochin; chased by Brown and Macrae; with the Victory, takes the Nostra Senhora de Cabo; takes an Ostend ship; Macrae's defence of; booty acquired by the crew of. 
==Catherine, the, trades to Mocha. 
==Ceres, the, Company's ship, attacked by Angrian pirates. 
==Chalmers, Lieut.-Colonel, commands troops at Gheriah. 
==Chandos, the,  employed in the attack on Gheriah; fired on by the Cassandra; sent with Brown in search of pirates. 
==Charles the Second, the, seized by Every and mutineers; renamed the Fancy. 
==Charlotte, the, Madras ship, taken by Angria's fleet. 
==Charming Mary, the, a pirate ship. 
==Charnock's Point, St. Mary's Island, a pirate settlement; wrecks of merchant ships at; Matthews takes booty at. 
==Chaul, the rendezvous for the Colaba expedition; Mannajee Angria escapes to; attacked by Sumbhajee Angria; made over to the Peishwa; James joined by the Mahratta fleet at. 
==Cheyne, Captain, commands the Protector.
==Child, Sir John, President of Surat attempts to pacify the native governor; compared with Governor Boone; his intrigues at Surat; endeavours to re-establish the Company's authority at Bombay. 
==Child, Sir Josiah. 
==Chimnajee Appa, the Peishwa's brother, his aid invoked against Mannajee Angria. 
==Chinganatta, the Rajah of, guarantees the treaty at Anjengo. 
==Chivers, a Dutchman, commands the Soldado or Algerine; captures and releases the Sedgwick; promises submission to Warren. 
==Chown, Catherine (née Cooke),  sails for Bombay on the Anne; her second husband killed; is captured by Angrian pirates; taken prisoner to Colaba; a ransom demanded for; birth of her son; marries William Gyfford. See also s.v. COOKE, CATHERINE; GYFFORD, CATHERINE; HARVEY, CATHERINE. 
==Chown, Thomas, supercargo of the Godolphin; wrecked; goes to Carwar as factor; marries Catherine Harvey; sails for Bombay to prosecute his wife's claims; killed in action with Angria's fleet. 
==Clive, Robert (Lord); commands land forces against Gheriah; Bombay Council's instructions to; dispute as to his share of spoil at Gheriah; his capacity as a soldier. 
==Cobb, Captain, commands the Samaritan and Roebuck; captures two Mogul vessels. 
==Cockburn, Captain, commander of the Salisbury, Matthews' letter to; Matthews quarrels with; assists the Council at Bombay; placed under arrest by Matthews; transferred to the Exeter.
==Coins, multiplicity of, at Bombay. 
==Colaba, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; Lieutenant Mackintosh goes to, with articles of treaty; fired on by the English; English and Portuguese make an unsuccessful attack on; appropriated by Sakhajee Angria; taken by Mannajee Angria; attacked by Sumbhajee Angria; engagement between Angrian ships and Bombay gallivats off. 
==Conajee Angria. See ANGRIA, CONAJEE. 
==Concan, the coast of, harried by Sivajee's fleet; the Peishwa becomes master of. 
==Conden (Congdon, Condent), pirate, his headquarters, Madagascar; commands the Flying Dragon. 
==Cong, plundered by pirates. 
==Cooke, Catherine,   daughter of Captain Cooke, gunner; marries John Harvey. See also s.v. CHOWN, CATHERINE; GYFFORD, CATHERINE; HARVEY, CATHERINE. 
==Cooke, Captain Gerrard, gunner at Fort William; made engineer and captain; father of Catherine Gyfford; marries his daughter to Harvey. 
==Cooke, Thomas, Gyfford's brother-in-law, commands the Thomas; his ship attached by the Bengal Council. 
==Coolee rovers, the. 
==Coorla, River, defences of; forced by the English and Dutch. 
==Corlem, Portuguese fort at, destroyed by the English. 
==Courten, Sir William, his attempt to establish a separate trade in the East Indies. 
==Cowan, Robert, factor, commands Company's troops; negotiates treaty between English and Portuguese at Goa; his services recognized; made a general in the expedition against Colaba; his military incapacity. 
==Cowse, Mrs., escapes from Anjengo. 
==Cowse, Simon, Anjengo left in charge of, by Brabourne; deposed by Kyffin; resumes business as private merchant; his advice to Gyfford; killed in escaping to Anjengo; the enemy occupy his house at Anjengo. 
==Coxsidge, Captain, takes part in the attack on Kennery. 
==Cruffe, James, armourer, recaptures the Josiah ketch. 
==Cuddalore, establishment of a factory at. 
==Culliford, ----, mutineer and pirate, succeeds Stent as commander of the Defence; renames her the Resolution; attacks the Dorrill, 50; promises submission to Warren; Kidd's dealings with; trial, condemnation and respite of. 
==Curgenven, Mr., private merchant, sails for China on the Charlotte; captured by Angria's fleet; a prisoner for ten years.

==Dabul, the Ockham attacked off, by Angrian pirates; the Mahrattas offer James a reward to attack. 
==Dadaboy, the, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Dalrymple, Mr., killed in a duel with Mr. Sutherland. 
==Danes, the, their supposed piratical outrages; implicated in the capture of Abdul Guffoor's ship. 
==Dartmouth, the, East Indiaman, takes part in the attack on Kennery. 
==Darya-Saranga.  See ANGRIA, CONAJEE. 
==Davis, Thomas, besieged in Anjengo; dies at Anjengo.
==Deccanees, tin coins, value of. 
==Defence, the (formerly the Mocha frigate, q.v.), becomes a pirate; renamed the Resolution. 
==Defiance grab, the, present at the attacks on Kennery; present at Gheriah; engages the Victory, pirate ship. 
==Defiance, the, frigate, attacked by Angria's ships. 
==Derby, the, Company's ship, taken by Toolajee Angria.
==Deoghur (or Tamana), granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; Angria's southernmost stronghold; attack on, abandoned. 
==Derby, the, East Indiaman, taken by Sumbhajee Angria's ships. 
==Desforges, M., Governor of Bourbon.
==Diego Suarez, pirate settlement of Libertatia at. 
==Doddington, the, East Indiaman, wrecked. 
==Dorrill, the, Company's ship, attacked by the Resolution. 
==Dove the, Company's grab, captured by Mahratta fleet. 
==Downing, Clement, takes part in the attack on Kennery. 
==Dutch, the, torture and execute Captain Towerson; obstruct the English at Surat; protect pirates at the Cape; entertain England and Taylor at Cochin; unite with the English against Coolee rovers; their disastrous engagement with Toolajee Angria; their hostility to the English at Anjengo; their investments in Chinganatta. 
==Dwarka, pirates at.

==Eagle galley, the, attacked by Angria's grabs; takes refuge in Saragon harbour. 
==Easthope, Captain Jeremiah, dies of fever, before Gheriah. 
==East India Company, the, their servants at Surat imprisoned; bring an action against Bonnell and Kynaston; grant commissions to seize interlopers and pirates; offer a reward for Every's apprehension; untrustworthiness of their crews; petition the Admiralty for a ship to deal with pirates; their trade in India ruined by pirates; character and pay of their servants; incompetence of their military; send out a guardship to Bombay; their action with regard to Matthews; build the Guardian and Protector for protection of coast trade; complicated accounts of; in India; state kept up by their servants at Bombay; their remarks on the treaty with the Rani of Attinga; file a suit against Mrs. Gyfford. 
==East India Merchant, the, Company's ship. 
==Eden,--, Governor of North Carolina, suspected of complicity with Teach. 
==Edgar, the, Every serves in. 
==Edgecombe, Captain, commander of the Mocha frigate; his crew mutiny; stabbed. 
==Egmont, Earl of, his estimation of the Company's military officers. 
==Elephanta, island, Portuguese village on, burned; Mannajee Angria hoists his flag on. 
==Elizabeth, the, private ship, plundered by the Sunda Rajah; taken by pirates off Honore. 
==England, Edward, pirate; his headquarters, Madagascar; commands the Victory; his engagement with the Cassandra; entertains Macrae on board the Cassandra; engages Brown's fleet and chases it to Goa; entertained at Cochin by the Dutch; his crew incensed against Macrae; marooned at Mauritius; goes to St. Mary's. 
==English, the, in ill-odour at Surat; blamed for piracy of other nations; suffer for Every's seizure of the Gunj Suwaie. 
==Ericeira, Conde de, ex-Viceroy of Goa, his ship boarded by pirates; forced to ransom himself. 
==Every, Henry, alias Bridgman, his career as a pirate; parentage of; seizes the Charles the Second and renames her; his piratical outrages on the Guinea Coast; his friendly warning to the English; establishes himself at Madagascar; takes the Futteh Mahmood; takes the Gunj Suwaie; his reported abduction of Aurungzeeb's granddaughter; captures the Rampura; retires to England; reward for his apprehension offered; his reported flight, to Ireland, and death in Devonshire; compared with Kidd. 
==Every, John. See EVERY, HENRY. 
==Execution Dock, Kidd hanged at.
==Exeter, the, King's ship, sent out against pirates; dismasted; her captains; takes part in the expedition against the Portuguese; goes to the defence of Carwar.

==Fake, Corporal, mutinies, and is shot. 
==Fame, the, Company's armed ship; built at Surat by Boone's orders; sent to attack Vingorla; takes part in the attack on Kennery. 
==Fancy, the pirate ship, commanded by Taylor; her engagement with the Cassandra; given to Macrae. 
==Fancy, the (formerly the Charles the Second, q.v.), pirate ship; commanded by Every; takes the Futteh Mahmood; takes the Gunj Suwaie. 
==Farrell, Captain, pirate. 
==Fleetwood, Miles, succeeds Mence as chief at Carwar. 
==Flying Dragon, the, pirate ship. 
==Forbes, Lieutenant, communicates with the besieged in Carwar factory; holds Gheriah after its capture.
==Fort St. George, the, galley, engages Portuguese grabs. 
==Foulis, Captain, commander of the Anson; his bravery against the French. 
==French, the, at Surat; their men-of-war menace the Company's ships; their defeat in the Carnatic; take the New George; East Indiaman. 
==Futteh Dowlet grab, the; sent by Bombay Council to assist Mannajee Angria; taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Futteh Droog, Angrian fort, bombarded by James. 
==Futtehghur, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty. 
==Futteh Mahmood, the, taken by Every.

==Gallivats, large rowing boats. 
==Gayer, Sir John, President of Surat, receives news of Every; delivers French pirates to the Governor of Surat; offers to convoy the Red Sea fleet; harassed by untrustworthiness of English crews; disclaims responsibility with regard to the Quedah Merchant; hands over to the Portuguese their ship taken by pirates; Harland and Richards quarrel with; compared with Governor Boone; killed in action on the New George; annuls a marriage. 
==Gheriah or Viziadroog, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; account of attack on; Angria's fleet from; menaces Bombay; second expedition against; its fate settled; attacked by a Dutch squadron; capture of; attacked by allied forces; reported impregnability of; blockaded by James; division of spoil taken at; European slaves at; surrendered to the Mahrattas. 
==Gilliam, James, pirate, seized and imprisoned at Mungrole; sent to Aurungzeeb's camp. 
==Goa, proclamation issued from, to the Portuguese at Bombay; Viceroys of. 
==Godolphin, the, attacked by Angria's ships; wrecked outside Bombay. 
==Gordon, Captain, takes reinforcements to Carwar; is wounded; his fruitless action at Gheriah. 
==Goring, Mr., his visit to Oarwar, dies at sea. 
==Gova, fort, bombarded by James; governor of; escapes to Severndroog. 
==Grabs, two-masted ships, description of. 
==Grantham, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Angria's ships; placed under Matthews' orders against pirates. 
==Grantham, Sir Thomas; Keigwin surrenders Bombay to. 
==Green,--, pirate, takes the Speedy Return; hanged. 
==Greenwich, the, Company's ship, leaves the Cassandrain her contest with pirates sent in search of pirates. 
==Guardian, sloop, the, man-of-war, built to protect the Malabar coast; commanded by James; takes part in the combined attack on Gheriah. 
==Giuliam,--, pirate, hanged;
==Gunj Suwaie (Exceeding Treasure), the; taken by Every. 
==Guzerat, coast of; infested by Coolee rovers. 
==Gyfford, Captain, commander of the Sidney; distrusts Kidd. 
==Gyfford; Catherine (née Cooke), a third of Harvey's estate paid to; her third husband killed at Anjengo; escapes from Anjengo; carries off factory records from Anjengo; appoints Lapthorne her agent; lands at Madras; goes to Calcutta; declines to satisfy claims against her husband; Matthews espouses her quarrel with the Bengal Council; is carried off to Bombay by Matthews; attempts to secure her effects at Anjengo; is brought to England by Matthews; petitions the Directors for redress; files a suit against the Company; quarrels with Lapthorne. See also s.v. CHOWN, CATHERINE; COOKE, CATHERINE; HARVEY, CATHERINE. 
==Gyfford, William, factor at Bombay, marries Catherine Chown; appointed supercargo of the Catherine; chief of Anjengo factory; his dishonesty; insults Mahommedan traders; his private trade; goes to Attinga with presents for the Rani; is inveigled into an ambush and tortured to death; his estate a debtor to the Company.

==Halifax, the, Company's ship, attacked by Angrian pirates. 
==Halifax, the, country ship, sent to assist Mannajee Angria. 
==Halsey,--, pirate. 
==Hamilton, Alexander, his defence of Littleton; his account of the engagement between the Phoenix and a Sanganian pirate; commands the Morning Star; is attacked by pirates; made commander-in-chief of the Company's frigates; sent to relieve Carwar factory; resigns his post as commander-in-chief; brings charges against Taylor; his account of Carwar. 
==Hand, John, master of the Bristol, interloper. 
==Hands, Israel, wounded by Teach. 
==Harland, Captain, quarrels with Sir John Gayer; succeeds Richards as commander of the Severn and the Scarborough. 
==Harrington, the, Company's ship, engages pirate ships. 
==Harris, President at Surat, declines to interfere to procure Gilliam's release. 
==Harvey, Catherine (née Cooke), goes to Bombay; returns to Carwar; asserts her claim to Harvey's estate; marries Thomas Chown;   sails for Bombay. See also s.v. CHOWN, CATHERINE; COOKE, CATHERINE; GYFFORD, CATHERINE.
==Harvey, John, chief of Carwar factory, demands the surrender of Parker by Kidd; entertains Captain Hudson; marries Catherine Cooke; his deformity; resigns the Company's service; goes to Bombay to wind up his affairs; returns to Carwar; dies. 
==Harwich, the, man-of-war, under Warren, attacked by a pirate vessel. 
==Hastings, the, man-of-war, under Warren, Hewitt, Lieutenant, sent to reconnoitre at Gheriah. 
==Hill, Serjeant, wounded in the attack on Carwar. 
==Himmutghur, to be made over to the English. 
==Honore, seizure of a pirate ship at; pirates provision their ships at; attacked by Arab pirates; sacked by Toolajee Angria.
==Houblon, Sir James, his ships hired by the Spanish Government. 
==Hough, Commodore, drives Angrian grabs to Severndroog; his ability, present at the attack on Gheriah. 
==Hudson, Captain, commands the Loyall Bliss. 
==Hunter, the, reinforces the Revenge; takes part in the attack on Kennery; present at Gheriah; attacked by Angria's grabs.

==Ibrahim Khan, captain of the Gunj Suwaie, cowardice of. 
==Ince, Samuel, gunner, defends Anjengo; is reinforced from Cochin; his bravery. 
==Inchbird, Captain, sent on a mission to Mannajee Angria; seizes Mannajee Angria's gallivats; commands ships sent to the relief of Mannajee Angria at Colaba. 
==Indien, the, French ship, captured by Commodore James. 
==Interlopers, unlicensed merchant adventurers. 
==Ireland, John, pirate, commission to Kidd to apprehend. 
==Itimad Khan, Governor of Surat, protects the English; character of.

==James, the, one of Houblon's squadron; her men join the mutineers on the Charles the Second. 
==James, Commodore William, commands the Guardian; commands a squadron against Gheriah; his early life; his capacity; captures the Indien; his success at Severndroog; director of the East India Company, baronet, and member of Parliament, sent to Madras. 
==Jenkins, Captain of the Harrington, his conflict with Angrian pirates; his courage commended. 
==Jinjeera, the Seedee of, complains of English outrages. 
==Jobson, Captain, commander of the Ockham, beats off Angrian pirates. 
==Johnson, Sir Robert, captain of the Exeter, Matthews quarrels with; perishes at sea; Matthews answerable for the death of. 
==Jolly Roger, the, hoisted by mutinous ships. 
==José, Francisco de Sampaio e Castro, Viceroy of Goa; unites with Boone in the expedition against Colaba; treatment of, by Matthews; comes to terms with the Council at Bombay. 
==Josiah ketch, the, taken by her crew; recaptured by Cruffe and carried to Acheen; attacked by the Sanganians. 
==Junaghur, imprisonment of Gilliam and his followers at. 
==Jupiter, the, French ship, taken by Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Jyeghur, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; the Mahrattas to attack.

==Kanak Droog, Angrian fort, bombarded by James. 
==Keigwin, Captain Richard, sent to Bombay; his troop disbanded; again sent out to Bombay; distrusts the Company; takes possession of Bombay; his good government, and popularity; surrenders Bombay to Sir Thomas Grantham; his death at St. Christopher's; fights the Mahratta fleet in the Revenge. 
==Kempsant, the, the Sawunt Waree chief at Vingorla; quarrels with Angria; proposes an alliance with the English; his attitude at the attack on Deoghur. 
==Kennery, occupied by Sivajee; blockaded by the Company's ships; seized and fortified by Conajee Angria; granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; the Seedee and Mahrattas struggle for the possession of; reinforced and provisioned by Angria; Boone commands an expedition against; failure of attack on. 
==Kent the, East Indiaman, sent in search of Danish pirates; commanded by Matthews in the action off Cape Passaro. 
==Kidd, William, account of his career; commands the Adventure galley; commissions granted to, against pirates; excites Warren's suspicion; his piratical intentions discussed; attacks the Mocha fleet; takes the Mary brigantine; his cruelty to the natives of the Laccadives; chases the Sedgwick; captures the Quedah Merchant; attitude of the English Government towards; fraternizes with Culliford; abandons the Adventure; sails to Boston on the Quedah Merchant; hides his plunder; arrested by Lord Bellamont; tried at the Old Bailey; found guilty on several charges; hanged; a contemptible character. 
==Kidd's Island, why so named. 
==King George, the, Company's ship, captures an Angrian grab; sent against Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Kingsfisher, the, sloop, blockades Gheriah. 
==Kirby, Captain, commander of the Greenwich; his cowardice. 
==Koolta, fort, ceded to the Peishwa. 
==Kyffin, John, second at Anjengo, intrigues against Cowse; chief at Anjengo; his disloyalty to the Company; dismissed [from] the Company's service. 
==Kynaston and Bonnell, partners of Porter.

==La Buze, Oliver (La Bouche, Levasseur), French pirate, loses his ship off Mayotta; made commander of the Victory; tradition of his life at Bourbon, and his end; at Madagascar; escapes Matthews' squadron. 
==Lari, the (coin), value of. 
==Lavender, Captain, commander of the Thomas, perishes with his ship. 
==Langworth, Commodore, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. 
==Lapthorne, Lieutenant Peter, besieged in Anjengo; agent for Mrs. Gyfford's affairs; his drunkenness and dishonesty; sent under arrest to Bombay. 
==Latenby, Richard, carpenter's mate of the Cassandra, his account of his enforced cruise with the pirates. 
==Leake, Captain Thomas, succeeds Hough as Commodore of the Restoration; his ship taken by Toolajee Angria; his incapacity punished. 
==Lembourg, Mr., his visit to Carwar. 
==Levasseur (La Bouche), Oliver. See LA BUZE, OLIVER. 
==Libertatia, model pirate settlement; history of. 
==Lime, the, man-of-war, sent in search of Teach. 
==Lisle, Commodore, his squadron protects Bombay coast trade; 
==Littleton, Commodore, succeeds Warren; suspected of dealings with the pirates; Hamilton's defence of; quarrels with Sir Nicholas Waite; effect of the presence of his squadron. 
==Lizard, the, man-of-war, under Warren. 
==Loader, Captain, of the Revenge, burns a village in Elephanta. 
==London, the, seized by Muscat Arabs; her crew forced to fight with the Portuguese; acts as flagship in the attack on Gheriah; fired on by the Victory; pirate ship; her crew break into the Lazaretto at Goa; Boone sails for England in. 
==Lowth, Captain, of the Loyal Merchant; seizes the Margaret; prevented by the Dutch from seizing the Vine. 
==Loyall Bliss, the, East Indiaman, her voyage to Bengal; puts in at Carwar. 
==Loyal Merchant, the, takes the Margaret, a pirate ship. 
==Loyd, Solomon, his marriage annulled. 
==Lyon, the, King's ship, sent out against pirates; taken by Matthews to Bengal; Mrs. Gyfford sails to England on; put out of commission.

==Mace, William. See MAZE, WILLIAM. 
==Mackintosh, Lieutenant, goes to Colaba with articles of treaty with Angria. 
==Macrae, Captain James, Commander of the Cassandra; his ship attacked and taken by pirates off Madagascar; escapes with his crew; communicates with the pirates; the Fancy given to; serves under Brown in the expedition in search of pirates; chases the Cassandra and Victory; his parentage and character; becomes Governor of Fort St. George. 
==Madagascar, a pirate resort. 
==Madras, capture of, by La Bourdonnais. 
==Madras Merchant, the, Company's ship, joins the Sidney at Johanna. 
==Mahim, freedom of trade at, claimed by the Portuguese; raided. 
==Mahomed Ali, his power re-established by the English. 
==Mahrattas, the, their fleet repulsed by Minchin and Keigwin; rise of the power of; besiege Bassein; attack Sumbhajee Angria's camp; seize a flotilla bound for Calcutta; their respect for English arms; articles of agreement between the English and; their inefficiency as allies; treat with Toolajee Angria; encamp against Gheriah; dispute with the English as to Toolajee Angria; Gheriah delivered over to. 
==Maine, Captain Covil, of the Shoreham brings charges against Matthews. 
==Malheiros, Ignatio, Portuguese interpreter at Anjengo; insults Mahommedan traders; seized by Attinga natives and tortured to death. 
==Malwans, the, pirates, attack English ships. 
==Mangalore, attacked by Arab pirates; sacked by Toolajee Angria. 
==Manikdroog, granted to Conajee Angria, by treaty. 
==Mannajee Angria. See ANGELA, MANNAJEE. 
==Manuel de Castro, Portuguese renegade, appointed commodore of the Company's gallivats; distrusted by English captains; permits Angria's gallivats to reinforce Kennery; treachery of, punished; foments a mutiny at St. Helena; returns to Angria. 
==Margaret, the, of New York, pirate ship, seized by Captain Lowth. 
==Mary brigantine, the, taken by Kidd off Sanjan; her master imprisoned on the Adventure. 
==Matthews, Commodore Thomas, sent with a squadron against Madagascar pirates; his character; suspected of complicity with pirates; his quarrels in India; takes part in the expedition against Angria; his conduct at Alibagh; his private trade; his disloyalty to the Company; espouses Mrs. Gyfford's cause; effect of his squadron on Madagascar pirates; the Directors bring an action against; tried by court-martial for irregularities; appointed commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean. 
==May, Captain, commander of a pirate ship, taken by Every. 
==Maynard, Lieutenant of the Pearl, commands sloops sent in search of Teach; engages, and kills Teach.
==Maze (or Mace), William, pirate,  commission to Kidd to apprehend. 
==Mecca, pilgrims from, taken in the Gunj Suwaie; pilgrims to, protected by the Dutch. 
==Mence, Robert, succeeds Harvey as chief at Oarwar; embezzles the Company's money; dies at Oarwar. 
==Midford, Mr., factor, commands the land force sent to relieve Carwar; commands Company's troops; keeps back soldiers' pay; his incapacity; sent to the relief of Anjengo; his punitive expeditions in Attinga; becomes chief at Anjengo; his dishonesty; death of. 
==Minchin, Commodore, repels Mahratta ships. 
==Minims, John, appointed engineer for the attack on Gheriah. 
==Misson, French pirate, establishes the settlement of Libertatia; is drowned on the way to America. 
==Mitchell, Mr., fights a duel with Mr. Sutherland. 
==Mocha fleet, the, Kidd's attack on.; waylaid by Arab pirates. 
==Mocha frigate, the, crew of, mutiny off Acheen; renamed the Defence; renamed the Resolution. 
==Montagu, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Toolajee Angria's fleet. 
==Moore,----, gunner of the Adventure, murdered by Kidd. 
==Morning Star, the, private ship, commanded by Alexander Hamilton; her encounter with pirates; hired by the Council at Bombay; sent to relieve Carwar. 
==Morrice, the, East Indiaman, takes part in the attack on Kennery; in danger from Angria's fleet. 
==Mungrole, seizure of Gilliam at. 
==Muscat, Arabs of, seize the London to avenge their losses. 

==Negotna, river, blockaded by English ships. 
==Neptune's Prize, the, bombketch, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. 
==New George, the, East Indiaman, taken by the French. 
==North, ----, pirate, commands the Pelican; recants his submission to Warren; is killed by natives of St. Mary's. 
==Nostra Senhora de Cabo, the, Portuguese ship; taken by the Cassandra and Victory. 
==Nunn, Captain Radford, sent against the Coolee rovers.

==Ockham, the, East Indiaman, fierce engagement between Angrian pirates and. 
==Ogle, Captain Challoner, sent in pursuit of Roberts; engages the Ranger and Royal Fortune; knighted for bravery against pirates. 
==Oochitghur, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty. 
==Orford, Lord, head of the Admiralty, refuses a ship to repress pirates; supports syndicate to send out a privateer against French commerce; secretly interested in Kidd's mission; impeachment against, prepared. 
==Orme, Alexander, becomes chief at Anjengo; reports defalcations in accounts at Anjengo; provisions in his treaty with the Rani. 
==Ostend ships. 
==Ostenders, the, Kyffin's dealings with; peremptory orders regarding. 
==Otter, the, Bengal ship, taken by Angria's forces.

==Parker, Lieutenant, deprived of his commission. 
==Parker, Mr., member of the Bombay Council, intrigues against Boone. 
==Parker, Thomas, master of the Mary, his ship captured by Kidd; imprisoned on the Adventure. 
==Passmore, Sergeant, punished for cowardice. 
==Pearl, the, man-of-war, sent in search of Teach. 
==Peishwa, the, defeated by Conajee Angria's forces; makes terms with Conajee Angria; assists Mannajee Angria; Angrian forts ceded to; shakes off his allegiance to Satara; concludes a treaty with Bombay; death of; Chaul resigned to the new, by the Portuguese; his agents mutilated by Toolajee Angria; invokes assistance of Bombay against Angria; his friendly relations with Bombay; his fleet takes part in the attack on Severndroog; his troops take part in the attack on Gheriah. 
==Pelham, the, employed in the attack on Gheriah. 
==Pelican, the, pirate ship, gets provisions at Honore. 
==Perim, its value as a trading port. 
==Permission ships, imitate pirates. 
==Persian Gulf, piratical outrages in the. 
==Phipps, William, succeeds Boone as Governor of Bombay; remonstrates against Matthews; levies customs duties at Mahim.
==Phoenix, the, man-of-war, goes in search of Danish pirates; attacked by Sanganian pirates. 
==Phram, the, floating battery, designed by Boone; employed against Gheriah; her uselessness; casualties on; fired on by the Cassandra; her ultimate fate. 
==Pilot sloop, the, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Pirates, earliest mention of, in India; their efficiency as seamen; extent of their raids from Madagascar; in India, whence recruited; their treatment of English prisoners; their cruelty to native merchants; commissions issued to Kidd for capture of; Warren sent with a squadron against; Royal Squadron sent from Europe to extirpate; pardon offered to, for voluntary surrender of; acts passed for repression of; rewards for capture of; execution of; Matthews sent against; cessation of danger from. 
==Pitts, Lieutenant, commander of the Josiah, perishes with his ship. 
==Plantain, John, ex-pirate, entertains Matthews. 
==Pocock, Rear-Admiral, his share in the spoil of Gheriah. 
==Poola Cadamon Pillay, blamed for the massacre at Anjengo. 
==Poolas, the, their intrigues in Attinga. 
==Poola Venjamutta, usurps power in Attinga; intrigues with Kyffin;  reats with Walter Brown; plays a double part; sends food to the besieged at Anjengo; friendly to the English. 
==Port Dauphin, a pirate settlement. 
==Porter, Endymion, licensed with Bonnell and Kynaston to prey on ships of non-friendly nations; his association with Sir William Courten. 
==Portuguese, the, the crew of the London compelled to attack; their 'armado' captured by Angria; refuse to allow Sivajee to land at Thana; friction with, at Bombay; their co-operation secured against Angria; attacked at Alibagh by Sahoojee's forces; ill-feeling between the English and; Angria opens negotiations with; their General of the North insulted by Matthews; two of their grabs captured by English galleys; come to terms with the Council at Bombay; espouse the cause of Mannajee Angria; ally themselves with Sumbhajee Angria; expelled from Salsette by the Mahrattas; effect of their intervention in Angrian quarrels; besieged at Bassein; Caranjah taken from, by Mannajee Angria; drive Sumbhajee Angria from Chaul; resign Chaul to the Peishwa; employed as interpreters. 
==President, the, Company's ship, attacked by Muscat Arabs. 
==Prince, the, Bombay sloop, takes a Muscat ship. 
==Princess Augusta, the, captured by Toolajee Angria; redeemed.
==Princess Caroline, the, Company's ship, sent against Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Protector, the, sloop, man-of-war, built to protect the Malabar coast from Angrian pirates; commanded by James; takes part in the attack on Severndroog; sent to Madras; returns to Bombay; takes part in the combined attack on Gheriah. 
==Proud, John, master of the Swan, attacks the Roebuck. 
==Providence Island, a pirate resort. 
==Pulteney, the Company's ship, attacked by Angrian pirates; sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet.

==Quail, Captain,  commands the Seahorse. 
==Quedah Merchant, the, country ship, captured by Kidd. 
==Queen, the, East Indiaman. 
==Quemar Santo, the saint burner. See KEMPSANT. 
==Quilon, the Rajah of, succours the Anjengo garrison; plundered goods from Anjengo sent to.

==Rajmachee, fort, ceded to the Peishwa. 
==Ramajee Punt, Sirsoobah of the Concan; concerts measures against Toolajee Angria; assists in the attack on Severndroog; urges the English to complete Angria's destruction; treats with Toolajee Angria; promises to surrender Toolajee Angria; his ill-faith with the English; demands surrender of Gheriah to the Mahrattas.
==Rampura, the, captured by Every. 
==Ramus, Cape, engagement between the English and Portuguese off. 
==Ranger, the, pirate ship, taken by Ogle. 
==Red Sea, the, a favourite resort of pirates. 
==Resolution, the (alias the Mocha and the Defence, q.v.), pirate ship commanded by Culliford; attacks the Dorrill; at Honore; at Madagascar. 
==Resolution, the, Company's ship, sent against Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Resolution, the, King's ship, Every serves in. 
==Restoration, the, sent against Angrian grabs; taken by Toolajee Angria; is opposed to the English at Gheriah. 
==Returah. See VITTOOR. 
==Revenge, the, Company's grab, built at Bombay, by Boone's orders; sent to attack Vingorla; sent to blockade Kennery; engaged by the Mahratta fleet; takes part in the attacks on Gheriah; engages the Victory, pirate ship; sent in search of pirates; accompanies Boone in the London; attacks Angria's grabs; goes to the relief of Calcutta. 
==Reynolds, Mr., protests against Conajee Angria's actions. 
==Richards, Commodore, quarrels with Sir John Gayer; commands the Severn and Scarborough; dies at Johanna.
==Robert galley, the, sent to assist Mannajee Angria. 
==Roberts, Bartholomew, pirate, scours the American coast; his cruelty and strict rule; Captain Ogle sent in search of; slain on the Royal Fortune. 
==Rodriguez, a Portuguese, plunders the Company's warehouse at Anjengo. 
==Roebuck, the, fitted out by Porter, Bonnell, and Kynaston. 
==Rogers, Captain Woodes, his description of the pirate settlers at Madagascar; governor of the Bahamas. 
==Rose, the, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Royal Fortune, the, pirate ship, taken by Ogle. 
==Ruby, the, King's ship, placed under Lisle's command; her convoy attacked by Angrian vessels. 
==Ruby frigate, the, long-boat of, stolen by John Steel. 
==Russell, Gideon, mate of the Morrice, leads volunteers in the attack on Kennery; is wounded and dies. 
==Rustumjee Nowrojee, son of Bomanjee, taken to England by Matthews. 
==Rutnaghiri, Angrian stronghold, attacked by the Mahrattas.

==Sacrifice Island, why so called. 
==Sagurgurh, taken by Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Sahoojee, Sivajee's grandson, dissensions in his kingdom; called the Sow Rajah by the English; treats with Boone in Angria's behalf; sends a force to Alibagh to assist Angria. 
==St. Augustine's, a pirate settlement. 
==St. George, the, sent out by the Company as a guard ship; wrecked. 
==St. Mary's Island, a pirate settlement. 
==Sakhajee Angria. See ANGRIA, SAKHAJEE. 
==Salamander, the, Bombay ketch, captured by Sumbhajee Angria; rescued by Mannajee Angria. 
==Salamander, the, trading grab, leased to the Company by Harvey. 
==Salisbury, the, King's ship, sent out under Matthews against pirates. 
==Selsette, attacked and plundered by Muscat Arabs; the English renounce all claim on; the Portuguese expelled from. 
==Samaritan, the, fitted out by Porter, Bonnell, and Kynaston, wrecked. 
==Sandwich, the, Matthews court-martialled on. 
==Sanganiana, the, pirates, attack the Josiah; attack the Phoenix; reduced to order. 
==Satara, Sahoojee proclaimed at; Conajee Angria's relations with; the Rajah of, treats with Keigwin. 
==Sawbridge, Captain, seized by pirates. 
==Scarborough, the, man-of-war; beaten off by Teach. 
==Sceptre, the, sent as a convoy for the Mocha fleet. 
==Scott, Lieutenant Colonel, the Company's chief engineer at Madras. 
==Seahorse, the, sent to the Red Sea. 
==Sedgwick, the, captured off Cape Comorin. 
==Seedee, the, ordered to march on Bombay and imprison the English; plunders towns on the Malabar coast; Conajee Angria makes war on; sends a deputation to Keigwin; offers to co-operate with the English; loses territory; captures Thull; his kindness to English prisoners. 
==Severn, the, Bengal freight ship, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Severn, the, man-of-war, effects nothing against the pirates. 
==Severndroog, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty;   Sumbhajee Angria's headquarters;   attacked and taken by the English and Mahrattas, under James. 
==Severndroog, tower of, why erected. 
==Sewell, Robert, Gyfford's letter to; storekeeper at Anjengo; his drunkenness and dishonesty; sent, under arrest, to Bombay. 
==Shaxton, Captain, commands the Company's military at Bombay; tried for complicity with mutineers. 
==Shoreham, the, King's ship, sent out under Matthews against pirates. 
==Sidney, the, Company's ship, threatened by Kidd. 
==Sivajee, his fleet harries the Concan coast; his agreement with the English; occupies and fortifies Kennery; plans an attack on Bombay; concludes peace with the English. 
==Smith, Bombardier, sent to assist Mannajee Angria at Colaba. 
==Smith, Captain, succeeds Gordon as commander of the force sent to relieve Carwar; his cowardice. 
==Soldado, the, or Algerine, the, pirate ship, commanded by Chivers. 
==Somers, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Angria's ships. 
==Somers, Lord, secretly interested in Kidd's mission; impeachment against, prepared. 
==Speedy Return, the, pirate ship, commanded by Bowen. 
==Stanhope, the, East Indiaman; takes part in the attack on Kennery. 
==Stanton, Major, commands sepoys sent to attack Vingorla; quarrels with Weekes; commands the land force sent to relieve Carwar; takes part in the attack on Kennery; commands the landing party against Gheriah; commands the expedition against the Portuguese. 
==Steel, John, deserts the Company's service and turns pirate; arrest and release of. 
==Steele, John, Carpenter's mate of the Morrice, his prowess before Kennery. 
==Stepney, Lieut, on the Salisbury, fights a duel with Lieut. Berkeley. 
==Stout, ----, mutineer, commands the Defence; accounts of his end. 
==Strutt, Mr., private merchant, owner of the Elizabeth. 
==Success, the, East Indiaman, taken by Angria's fleet; indemnity for. 
==Sultanpore, headquarters of the Coolee rovers. 
==Sumbhajee Angria. See ANGRIA, SUMBHAJEE. 
==Sunda Rajah, the, refuses dealings with Kidd; attacks English ships; seizes the Elizabeth; besieges Carwar factory; comes to terms with the English; cruelty of. 
==Surat, the Company's servants at, imprisoned; populace of, influenced against the English; trade at, crippled, owing to piracy; fourteen lakhs of rupees demanded from Europeans at; Europeans at, combine to suppress piracy; disorders at. 
==Surey, Portuguese battery at, captured by Stanton. 
==Surkheil, title given to Conajee Angria. 
==Sutherland, Mr., fights duels with Mitchell and Dalrymple; sentenced to death; pardoned. 
==Swallow, the, King's ship, commanded by Captain Ogle; engages pirate ships; takes part in the attack on Severndroog. 
==Swallow, the, sloop, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Swan, the, encounters the Roebuck. 
==Syren, the, protects the Bombay coast trade; her convoy attacked by Angrian vessels.

==Tamana. See DEOGHUR. 
==Tankerville, the, Company's ship, sails with the Royall Bliss. 
==Tartar, the, King's ship, protects the Bombay coast trade; her convoy chased by Angrian vessels. 
==Taylor, ----, pirate, his headquarters at Madagascar; commands the Fancy; engages the Cassandra; prevented from murdering Macrae; resigns the Fancy to Macrae; commands the Cassandra; takes the Nostra Senhorade Calo and an Ostend ship; negotiates for a pardon; escapes Matthew's squadron; surrenders to the Spaniards and obtains a commission. 
==Taylor, George, chief of the factory at Carwar; charged with indiscretion by Hamilton; cautioned by the Bombay Council. 
==Teach, Edward, pirate, alias Blackbeard; his fearlessness and cruelty; reward offered for his capture; killed in hand-to-hand encounter. 
==Tew (? Thomas Too), English pirate, allied with Misson; escapes from Libertatia; killed in action; commission to Kidd to apprehend.
==Thevenapatam, establishment of a factory at. 
==Thomas, the, attacked by four Beyt ships. 
==Thomas, the, brigantine, owned by Gyfford; attached by the Bengal Council. 
==Thull, taken by Sumbhajee Angria; captured by the Seedee. 
==Too, Thomas. See TEW, THOMAS. 
==Toolajee Angria. See ANGRIA, TOOLAJEE. 
==Topasses, mutilated at Carwar; nucleus of the Bombay Marine Battalion; many burned on the Phram before Gheriah. 
==Towerson, Captain, torture and execution of. 
==Trial, the, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. 
==Triumph, the, prahm sent to assist Mannajee Angria; takes part in the attack on Severndroog. 
==Tuluday, Mr., soldier, killed on board the Phram. 
==Tyger, the, King's ship, under Warren. 
==Tyrell, Captain, commander of the Phoenix; sent in search of Danish pirates; sinks a Sanganian pirate ship.

==Upton, Captain, commander of the London; his cowardice. 
==Utrecht, Peace of, effect of the, on piracy. 

==Van Broeck, his account of Every. 
==Vane, Major, chief engineer to the Company. 
==Venjamutta. See POOLA VENJAMUTTA. 
==Victoria, the, accompanies the London; attacks Angria's grabs. 
==Victory, the, Company's armed ship, built by Boone's orders; takes part in the attack on Kennery; present at Gheriah; fired on by the Cassandra; sails in search of pirates; comes to the relief of the crews of the Bengal and Bombay galleys; sent against Sumbhajee Angria. 
==Victory, the, pirate ship, commanded by England; engages the Cassandra; mistaken for the Company's ship; La Buze made commander of. 
==Vigilant, the, King's ship, protects the Bombay coast trade; attacked by Angrian vessels. 
==Villanjuen (Brinjone), in Attinga, trading settlement at. 
==Vincente Sodre, an early pirate. 
==Vine, pink, the, pirate ship; the Dutch prevent Captain Lowth from seizing. 
==Vingorla, pirates at. 
==Viper, the, bombketch, takes part in the attack on Severndroog. 
==Virginia, pirates off the coasts of; governor of, sends ships in search of Teach. 
==Vittoor (Returah), in Attinga, trading settlement at. 
==Viziadroog. See GHERIAH. 
==Vulture, the, King's ship, under Warren.

==Waite, Sir Nicholas, President of Surat; compared with Governor Boone; appointed Governor of Bombay. 
==Wake, Captain Thomas, commander of a pirate ship taken by Every; commission to Kidd, to apprehend. 
==Ward, Mr., Deputy Governor of Bombay, seized by Keigwin.
==Warlee, fort at, destroyed by the Portuguese; engagement with Angria's grabs off. 
==Warren, Commodore, commands a Royal squadron against the pirates; suspects Kidd's intentions; returns from his first cruise; commands a squadron in 1699 to extirpate pirates; reaches Tellicherry and dies. 
==Warwick, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Toolajee Angria's fleet. 
==Watson, Admiral, commands a squadron in the attack on Gheriah; his generosity to Olive; his reception of Toolajee's friends; demands Toolajee Angria from the Mahrattas. 
==Watson, gunner's mate, sent to relieve Mannajee Angria at Colaba. 
==Weekes, Commodore, commands the Fame and the Britannia against Vingorla; quarrels with Stanton; deposed. 
==West Indies, character of settlers. 
==Weymouth, the, King's ship, sent in pursuit of pirates. 
==White, ----, pirate, his headquarters at Madagascar. 
==White, Captain, commander of the Hastings, arrested by Littleton. 
==William, the, Bombay ship, taken by Toolajee Angria. 
==Williams, ----, pirate. 
==Windsor, the, King's ship, under Warren. 
==Wise, Lieutenant, directs the Phram's guns; drunkenness of. 
==Woodward, Captain, commands the landing-party at Gheriah; commander of the Revenge; his cowardice punished. 
==Wright, Captain, commands the Caesar, engages five pirate ships. 
==Wright, Captain of the Quedan Merchant. 
==Wyche, Mr., discharged the Company's service; his escape connived at by Matthews. 
==Wyche, Mrs., taken to Surat by Matthews.

==Xeraphims, value of.

==Yessajee Aligna See ANGRIA, YESSAJEE. 
==Yeswuntdroog, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty. 

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