The Life of William Carey (1761-1834)

by George Smith (1885)
"It is no fanatical criticism, but the true philosophy of history, which places Carey over against Clive, the spiritual and secular founders...of our Indian Empire." (--Chapter 3)

*Introduction by FWP*
*Introduction by George Smith (2nd ed., 1887)*

   *Chapter I.* -- Carey's College

  *Chapter II.* -- The Birth of England's Foreign Missions

 *Chapter III.* -- India as Carey Found It

  *Chapter IV.* -- Six Years in North Bengal--Missionary and Indigo Planter

   *Chapter V.* -- The New Crusade--Serampore and the Brotherhood

  *Chapter VI.* -- The First Native Converts and Christian Schools

 *Chapter VII.* -- Calcutta and the Mission Centres from Delhi to Amboyna

*Chapter VIII.* -- Carey's Family and Friends

  *Chapter IX.* -- Professor of Sanskrit, Bengali, and Marathi

   *Chapter X.* -- The Wyclif of the East--Bible Translation

  *Chapter XI.* -- What Carey Did for Literature and for Humanity

 *Chapter XII.* -- What Carey Did for Science--Founder of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India

*Chapter XIII.* -- Carey's Immediate Influence in Great Britain and America

 *Chapter XIV.* -- Carey as an Educator--The First Christian College in the East

 *Chapter XV.* -- Carey's Last Days

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