Pietro della Valle's scientific translation work: his handwriting in Italian and Persian

Source: http://www.ibiblio.org/expo/vatican.exhibit/exhibit/h-orient_to_rome/Eastern_lang2.html
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"Pietro della Valle, Risalah- i Padri Khristafarus Burris Isavi dar tufiq-i jadid dunya. Compendio di un trattato del Padre Christoforo Borro Giesuita della nuova costitution del mondo secondo Tichone Brahe e gli altri astologi moderni (Compendium of a tractate of Father Christoforo Borri, S.J. on the new model of the universe according to Tycho Brahe and the other modern astronomers)

In Persian and Italian, Naqsh script in the hand of della Valle, 1624, 1631

Pietro della Valle translated and condensed the "De tribus coelis" of Christoforo Borri, S.J., into Persian in Goa, India, in 1624 and into Italian in Rome, in 1631. This is a diagram of Tycho Brache's compromise scheme for a cosmology. The sun revolves around the earth as it traditionally had, but the planets revolve around the sun. Also shown are the locations of several comets whose courses were calculated to cross the courses of two or more planets and proof that they could not be carried by crystalline spheres. The author, Pietro della Valla was a rich Roman noble whose linguistic skills and bravery as a traveller were as remarkable as his circle of friends.

Vat. pers. 10 fols. 7 recto - 6 verso orient18 IGH.06"