Campaign of the Indus:
in a Series of Letters from an Officer of the Bombay Division (1838-40)
*Introduction by FWP*

*Introduction by A. H. Holdsworth, Esq.* (1840)

*LETTER I.* (On board the ship Syden, off the mouth of the Indus, Nov. 27th, 1838)
*LETTER II.* (Perminacote, five miles from Vicur, right bank of the Hujamree, one of the branches of the Indus, Dec. 8th)
*LETTER III.* (Camp, near Tatta, four miles from the Indus, Jan. 1st, 1839)
*LETTER IV.* (Camp, near Jarruk, on the banks of the Indus, twenty miles from Hydrabad, Jan. 31st)
*LETTER V.* (Camp, Kotree, four miles from Hydrabad, Feb. 6th)
*LETTER VI.* (Camp, near Larkhanu, March 6th)
*LETTER VII.* (Camp, Candahar, June 8th)
*LETTER VIII.* (Camp, near Ghuzni, July 24th)
*LETTER IX.* (Cabool)
*LETTER X.* (Camp at Kotree, in Cutch Gundava, Dec. 8th)
*LETTER XI.* (Camp, Larkanu, Dec. 26th)
*LETTER XII.* (Camp, Curachee, Feb. 14th, 1840)
*LETTER XIII.* (Deesa, April 21st)
*APPENDIX: Fall of Ghuzni, & Entrance of the British Army into Cabool.* (Military reports and documents)
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*Journey to the North of India Overland from England Through Russia, Persia, and Affghaunistaun* by Arthur  Connolly (1834)
The War in Afghanistan by J. W. Kaye (1874): *vol. 1*; *vol. 2*; *vol. 3*

*Ten Years in India in the 16th Queen's Lancers* by W. J. D. Gould (1880)

*The Afghan Wars 1839-42 and 1878-80* by Archibald Forbes (1892)
*Forty-One Years in India: From Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief* by Frederick Sleigh Roberts, "Lord Roberts of Candahar" (1898)
*The Story of the Malakand Field Force: An Episode of Frontier War* by Winston Churchill (1898)


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