PART ONE -- Voyages and Travels of Discovery in the middle ages; from the era of Alfred, King of England, in the ninth century to that of Don Henry of Portugal at the commencement of the fourteenth century.
[*Volume 1, Project Gutenberg text*]

*Chapter 1* -- Discoveries in the Time of Alfred King of England, in the Ninth Century of the Christian era
*Chapter 2* -- Original Discovery of Greenland by the Icelanders, in the Ninth Century
*Chapter 3* -- Early Discovery of Winland, or America, by the Icelanders, about the year 1001
*Chapter 4* -- Travels of two Mahometans into India and China, in the Ninth Century
*Chapter 5* -- Travels of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela, through Europe, Asia, and Africa, from Spain to China, between A.D. 1160 and 1173
*Chapter 6* -- Travels of an Englishman into Tartary, and thence into Poland, Hungary, and Germany, in 1243
*Chapter 7* -- Sketch of the Revolutions in Tartary
*Chapter 8* --  The Travels of John de Plano Carpini and other Friars, sent about the year 1246, as ambassadors from Pope Innocent IV, to the great Khan of the Moguls or Tartars
*Chapter 9* -- Travels of William de Rubruquis into Tartary, about the year 1253
*Chapter 10* -- Travels of Haitho, Prince of Armenia, in Tartary, in 1254
*Chapter 11* -- Travels of Marco Polo, through Tartary, China, the Islands of India, and most of Asia, from A. D. 1260 to 1295
*Chapter 12* -- Travels of Oderic of Portenau, into China and the East, in 1318
*Chapter 13* -- Travels of Sir John Mandeville into the East, in 1322
*Chapter 14* -- Itinerary of Pegoletti, between Asof and China, in 1355
*Chapter 15* -- Voyages of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno, in 1380
*Chapter 16* -- Travels of John Schildtberger into Tartary, in 1394
*Chapter 17* -- Travels of the Ambassadors of Mirza Shah Rokh, King of Persia, from Herat to Khanbalek in Kathay, in 1419
*Chapter 18* -- Voyage and Travels of Pietro Quirini into Norway, in 1431
*Chapter 19* -- Travels of Josaphat Barbaro, Ambassador from Venice to Tanna, now called Asof, in 1436

[*Volume 2, Project Gutenberg text*]

*Chapter 20* -- Account of various early Pilgrimages from England to the Holy Land, between the years 1097 and 1107
*Chapter 21* -- Discovery of Madeira
*Chapter 22* -- Account of the Discovery and Conquest of the Canary Islands


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