PART TWO, BOOK ONE -- History of the Discoveries of the Portuguese along the Coast of Africa, and of their Discovery of and Conquests in India, from 1412 to 1505.
[*Volume 2, Project Gutenberg text*] (cont'd)

*Chapter 1* -- Summary Deduction of the Discoveries of the World, from their first Original, to the year 1555, by Antonio Galvano
*Chapter 2* -- The Journey of Ambrose Contarini, Ambassador from the Republic of Venice, to Uzun-Hassan, King of Persia, in the years 1473, 4, 5, and 6; written by himself
*Chapter 3* -- Voyages of Discovery by the Portuguese along the Western Coast of Africa, during the life, and under the direction, of Don Henry
*Chapter 4* -- Original Journals of the Voyages of Cada Mosto, and Pedro de Cintra, to the Coast of Africa; the former in the years 1455 and 1406, and the latter soon afterwards
*Chapter 5* -- Continuation of the Portuguese Discoveries along the Coast of Africa, from the death of Don Henry in 1463, to the Discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in 1486
*Chapter 6* -- History of the Discovery and Conquest of India by the Portuguese, between the years 1497 and 1505, from the original Portuguese of Hernan Lopez de Castaneda
*Chapter 7* -- Letters from Lisbon in the beginning of the Sixteenth Century, respecting the then recent Discovery of the Route by Sea to India, and the Indian trade


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