PART TWO, BOOK THREE -- Continuation of the Discoveries and Conquests of the Portuguese in the East; together with some account of the early voyages of other European Nations to India.
[*Volume 6, Project Gutenberg text*] (cont'd)

*Chapter 1* -- Discoveries, Navigations, and Conquests of the Portuguese in India, from 1505 to 1539, both inclusive, resumed from Book I of this Part
*Chapter 2* -- Particular Relation of the Expedition of Solyman Pacha from Suez to India against the Portuguese at Diu, written by a Venetian Officer who was pressed into the Turkish Service on that occasion
*Chapter 3* -- The Voyage of Don Stefano de Gama from Goa to Suez, in 1540, with the intention of Burning the Turkish Galleys at that port; written by Don Juan de Castro, then a Captain in the Fleet; afterwards governor-general of Portuguese India
*Chapter 4* -- Continuation of the Portuguese transactions in India, after the return of Don Stefano de Gama from Suez in 1541, to the Reduction of Portugal under the Dominion of Spain in 1581 [Sections 1-12]

[*Volume 7, Project Gutenberg text*]

[Chapter 4 concluded -- Sections 13-16]
*Chapter 5* -- Voyages and Travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Persia, and India, by Ludovico Verthema, in 1503
*Chapter 6* -- Voyages and Travels of Cesar Frederick in India
Chapter 7 -- Early English Voyages to Guinea, and other parts of the West
Coast of Africa.

Section 1 -- Second Voyage of the English to Barbary, in the year 1552, by Captain Thomas Windham.
Section 2 -- A Voyage from England to Guinea and Benin in 1553, by Captain Windham and Antonio Anes Pinteado.
Section 3 -- Voyage to Guinea, in 1554, by Captain John Lok.
Section 4 -- Voyage to Guinea in 1555, by William Towerson, Merchant of London.
Section 5 -- Second Voyage to Guinea in 1556, by William Towerson.
Section 6 -- Third Voyage of William Towerson to Guinea in 1558.
Section 7 -- Notices of an intended Voyage to Guinea, in 1561.
Section 8 -- Voyage to Guinea in 1562, written by William Rutter.
Section 9 -- Supplementary Account of the foregoing Voyage.
Section 10 -- Voyage to Guinea in 1563 by Robert Baker.
Section 11 -- A Voyage to Guinea in 1564, by Captain David Carlet.
Section 12 -- A Voyage to Guinea and the Cape de Verd Islands in 1566, by George Fenner.
Section 13 -- Embassy of Mr Edmund Hogan to Morocco in 1577, written by himself.
Section 14 -- Embassy of Henry Roberts from Queen Elizabeth to Morocco, in 1585, written by himself.
Section 15 -- Voyage to Benin beyond Guinea in 1588, by James Welsh.
Section 16 -- Supplement to the foregoing Voyage, in a Letter from Anthony Ingram the chief factor, written from Plymouth to the Owners, dated 9th September, the day of arriving at Plymouth.
Section 17 -- Second Voyage of James Welsh to Benin, in 1590.
Section 18 -- Voyage of Richard Rainolds and Thomas Dassel to the Rivers Senegal and Gambia adjoining to Guinea, in 1591.
Chapter 8 -- Some miscellaneous early Voyages of the English.
Section 1 -- Gallant escape of the Primrose from Bilboa in Spain, in 1585.
Section 2 -- Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, in 1585, to the West Indies.
Section 3 -- Cruising Voyage to the Azores by Captain Whiddon, in 1586, written by John Evesham.
Section 4 -- Brief relation of notable service performed by Sir Francis Drake in 1587.
Section 5 -- Brief account of the Expedition of the Spanish Armada in 1588.
Section 6 -- Account of the Relief of a part of the Spanish Armada, at Anstruther in Scotland, in 1588.
Section 7 -- A cruising Voyage to the Azores in 1589, by the Earl of Cumberland.
Section 8 -- Valiant Sea Fight by Ten Merchant Ships of London against Twelve Spanish Galleys, in the Straits of Gibraltar, on the 24th April 1590.
Section 9 -- A valiant Sea Fight in the Straits of Gibraltar, in April 1591, by the Centurion of London, against five Spanish Galleys.
Section 10 -- Sea-Fight near the Azores, between the Revenge man of war, commanded by Sir Richard Granville, and fifteen Spanish men of war, 31st August 1591. Written by Sir Walter Raleigh.
Section 11 -- Note of the Fleet of the Indies, expected in Spain this year 1591; with the number that perished, according to the examination of certain Spaniards, lately taken and brought to England.
Section 12 -- Report of a Cruizing Voyage to the Azores in 1581, by a fleet of London ships sent with supplies to the Lord Thomas Howard. Written by Captain Robert Flicke.
Section 13 -- Exploits of the English in several Expeditions and cruizing Voyages from 1589 to 1592; extracted from John Huighen van Linschoten.
Section 14 -- Cruising voyage to the Azores, in 1592, by Sir John Burrough, knight.
Section 15 -- The taking of two Spanish Ships, laden with quicksilver and the Popes bulls, in 1592, by Captain Thomas White.
Section 16 -- Narrative of the Destruction of a great East India Carak in 1584, written by Captain Nicholas Downton.
Section 17 -- List of the Royal Navy of England at the demise of Queen Elizabeth.
*Chapter 9* -- Early Voyages of the English to the East Indies, before the establishment of an exclusive Company. [Sections 1-3]

[*Volume 8, Project Gutenberg text*]

[Chapter 9 concluded -- Sections 4-11]
*Chapter 10* -- Early Voyages of the English to India, after the Establishment of the East India Company. [Sections 1-15]

[*Volume 9, Project Gutenberg text*]

[Chapter 10 concluded -- Sections 16-20]
*Chapter 11* -- Continuation of the Early Voyages of the English East India Company to India


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