PART THREE, BOOK THREE -- A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, undertaken by the Command of his Majesty, for making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere; to determine the Position and Extent of the West Side of North America, its Distance from Asia, and the Practicability of a Northern Passage to Europe. Performed under the Direction of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in his Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, & 1780.
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Chapter 1 -- Transactions from the Beginning of the Voyage till our Departure from New Zealand

Section 1 -- Various Preparations for the Voyage. Omai's Behaviour on embarking. Observations for determining the Longitude of Sheerness, and the North Foreland. Passage of the Resolution from Deptford to Plymouth. Employments there. Complements of the Crews of both Ships, and Names of the Officers. Observations to fix the Longitude of Plymouth. Departure of the Resolution.
Section 2 -- Passage of the Resolution to Teneriffe. Reception there. Description of Santa Cruz Road. Refreshments to be met with. Observations for fixing the Longitude of Teneriffe. Some Account of the Island. Botanical Observations. Cities of Santa Cruz and Laguna, Agriculture. Air and Climate. Commerce. Inhabitants.
Section 3 -- Departure from Teneriffe. Danger of the Ship near Bonavista. Isle of Mayo. Port Praya. Precautions against the Rain and sultry Weather in the Neighbourhood of the Equator. Position of the Coast of Brazil. Arrival at the Cape of Good Hope. Transactions there. Junction of the Discovery. Mr Anderson's Journey up the Country. Astronomical Observations. Nautical Remarks on the Passage from England to the Cape, with regard to the Currents and the Variation.
Section 4 -- The two Ships leave the Cape of Good Hope. Two Islands, named Prince Edward's, seen, and their Appearance described. Kerguelen's Land visited. Arrival in Christmas Harbour. Occurrences there. Description of it.
Section 5 -- Departure from Christmas Harbour. Range along the Coast, to discover its Position and Extent. Several Promontories and Bays, and a Peninsula, described and named. Danger from Shoals, Another Harbour and a Sound. Mr Anderson's Observations on the Natural Productions, Animals, Soil, etc. of Kerguelen's Land.
Section 6 -- Passage from Kerguelen's to Van Diemen's Land. Arrival in Adventure Bay. Incidents there. Interviews with the Natives. Their Persons and Dress described. Account of their Behaviour. Table of the Longitude, Latitude, and Variation. Mr Anderson's Observations on the Natural, Productions of the Country, on the Inhabitants, and their Language.
Section 7 -- The Passage from Van Diemen's Land to New Zealand. Employments in Queen Charlotte's Sound. Transactions with the Natives there. Intelligence about the Massacre of the Adventure's Boat's Crew. Account of the Chief who headed the Party on that Occasion. Of the two young Men who embark to attend Omai. Various Remarks on the Inhabitants. Astronomical and Nautical Observations.
Section 8 -- Mr Anderson's Remarks on the Country near Queen Charlotte's Sound. The Soil. Climate. Weather. Winds. Trees. Plants. Birds. Fish. Other Animals. Of the Inhabitants. Description of their Persons. Their Dress. Ornaments. Habitations. Boats. Food and Cookery. Arts. Weapons. Cruelty to Prisoners. Various Customs. Specimen of their Language.
Chapter 2 -- From leaving New Zealand to our Arrival at Otaheite, or the Society Islands.
Section 1 -- Prosecution of the Voyage. Behaviour of the two New Zealanders on board. Unfavourable Winds. An Island called Mangeea discovered. The Coast of it examined. Transactions with the Natives. An Account of their Persons, Dress, and Canoes. Description of the Island. A Specimen of the Language. Disposition of the Inhabitants.
Section 2 -- The Discovery of an Island called Wateeoo. Its Coasts examined.--Visits from the Natives on board the Ships. Mess, Gore, Burney, and Anderson, with Omai, sent on Shore. Mr Anderson's Narrative of their Reception. Omai's Expedient to prevent their being detained. His meeting with some of his Countrymen, and their distressful Voyage. Farther Account of Wateeoo, and of its Inhabitants.
Section 3 -- Wenooa-ette, or Otokootaia, visited. Account of that Island, and of its Produce. Hervey's Island, or Terougge mou Attooa, found to be inhabited. Transactions with the Natives. Their Persons, Dress, Language, Canoes. Fruitless Attempt to land there. Reason for bearing away for the Friendly Islands. Palmerston's Island touched at. Description of the two Places where the Boats landed. Refreshments obtained there. Conjectures on the Formation of such low Islands. Arrival at the Friendly Islands.
Section 4 -- Intercourse with the Natives of Komango, and other Islands. Arrival at Annamooka. Transactions there. Feenou, a principal Chief, from Tongataboo, comes on a Visit. The Manner of his Reception in the Island, and on board. Instances of the pilfering Disposition of the Natives. Some Account of Annamooka. The Passage from it to Hepaee.
Section 5 -- Arrival of the Ships at Hepaee, and friendly Reception there. Presents and Solemnities on the Occasion. Single Combats with Clubs. Wrestling and Boxing Matches. Female Combatants. Marines exercised. A Dance performed by Men. Fireworks exhibited. The Night-entertainments of Singing and Dancing particularly described.
Section 6 -- Description of Lefooga. Its cultivated State. Its Extent. Transactions there. A female Oculist. Singular Expedients for shaving off the Hair. The Ships change their Station. A remarkable Mount and Stone. Description of Hoolaiva. Account of Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands. Respectful Manner in which he is treated by his People. Departure from the Hepaee Islands. Some Account of Kotoo. Return of the Ships to Annamooka. Poulaho and Feenou meet Arrival at Tongataboo.
Section 7 -- Friendly Reception at Tongataboo. Manner of distributing a baked Hog and Kava to Poulaho's Attendants. The Observatory, etc. erected. The Village where the Chiefs reside, and the adjoining Country, described. Interviews with Mareewagee, and Toobou, and the King's Son. A grand Haiva, or Entertainment of Songs and Dances, given by Mareewagee. Exhibition of Fireworks. Manner of Wrestling and Boxing. Distribution of the Cattle. Thefts committed by the Natives. Poulaho, and the other Chiefs, confined on that Account. Poulaho's Present and Haiva.
Section 8 -- Some of the Officers plundered by the Natives. A fishing Party. A Visit to Poulaho. A Fiatooka described. Observations on the Country Entertainments at Poulaho's House. His Mourning Ceremony. Of the Kava Plant, and the Manner of preparing the Liquor. Account of Onevy, a little Island. One of the Natives wounded by a Sentinel. Messrs King and Anderson visit the King's Brother. Their Entertainment. Another Mourning Ceremony. Manner of passing the Night. Remarks on the Country they passed through. Preparations made for Sailing. An Eclipse of the Sun, imperfectly observed. Mr Anderson's Account of the Island, and its Productions.
Section 9 -- A grand Solemnity, called Natche, in Honour of the King's Son, performed. The Procession and other Ceremonies, during the first Day, described. The Manner of passing the Night at the King's House. Continuation of the Solemnity the next Day; Conjectures about the Nature of it. Departure from Tongataboo, and the Arrival at Eooa. Account of that Island, and Transactions there.
Section 10 -- Advantages derived from visiting the Friendly Islands. Best Articles for Traffic. Refreshments that may be procured. The Number of the Islands, and their Names. Keppel's and Boscawen's Islands belong to them. Account of Vavaoo, of Hamao, of Feejee. Voyages of the Natives in their Canoes. Difficulty of procuring exact Information. Persons of the Inhabitants of both Sexes. Their Colour. Diseases. Their general Character. Manner of wearing their Hair. Of puncturing their Bodies. Their Clothing and Ornaments. Personal Cleanliness.
Section 11 -- Employments of the Women at the Friendly Islands. Of the Men. Agriculture. Construction of their Houses. Their working Tools. Cordage and fishing Implements. Musical Instruments. Weapons. Food and Cookery. Amusements. Marriage. Mourning Ceremonies for the Dead. Their Divinities. Notions about the Soul, and a future State. Their Places of Worship. Government. Manner of paying Obeisance to the King. Account of the Royal Family. Remarks on their Language, and Specimen of it. Nautical and other Observations.
Appendix 1 -- A Vocabulary of the Language of the Friendly Isles.
Appendix 2 -- A Vocabulary of the Language of Atooi, one of the Sandwich Islands.
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Chapter 3 -- Transactions at Otaheite, and the Society Islands; and prosecution of the Voyage to the Coast of North America

Section 1 -- An Eclipse of the Moon observed. The Island Toobouai discovered. Its Situation, Extent, and Appearance. Intercourse with its Inhabitants. Their Persons, Dresses, and Canoes described. Arrival at Oheitepeha Bay, at Otaheite. Omai's Reception and imprudent Conduct. Account of Spanish Ships twice visiting the Island. Interview with the Chief of this District. The Olla, or God, of Bolabola. A mad Prophet. Arrival in Matavai Bay.
Section 2 -- Interview with Otoo, King of the Island, Imprudent Conduct of Omai. Employments on Shore. European Animals landed. Particulars about a Native who had visited Lima. About Oedidee. A Revolt in Eimeo. War with that Island determined upon, in a Council of Chiefs. A human Sacrifice on that Account. A particular Relation of the Ceremonies at the great Morai, where the Sacrifice was offered. Other barbarous Customs of this People.
Section 3 -- Conference with Towha. Heevas described. Omai and Oedidee give Dinners. Fireworks exhibited. A remarkable Present of Cloth. Manner of preserving the Body [pg vii] of a dead Chief. Another human Sacrifice. Riding on Horseback. Otoo's Attention to supply Provisions, and prevent Thefts. Animals given to him. Etary, and the Deputies of a Chief, have Audiences. A mock Fight of two War Canoes. Naval Strength of these Islands. Manner of conducting a War.
Section 4 -- The Day of Sailing fixed. Peace made with Eimeo. Debates about it, and Otoo's Conduct blamed. A Solemnity at the Morai on the Occasion, described by Mr King. Observations upon it. Instance of Otoo's Art. Omai's War-Canoe, and Remarks upon his Behaviour. Otoo's Present, and Message to the King of Great Britain. Reflections on our Manner of Traffic, and on the good Treatment we met with at Otaheite. Account of the Expedition of the Spaniards. Their Fictions to depreciate the English. Wishes expressed that no Settlement may be made. Omai's Jealousy of another Traveller.
Section 5 -- Arrival at Eimeo. Two Harbours there, and an Account of them. Visit from Maheine, Chief of the Island. His Person described. A Goat stolen, and sent back with the Thief. Another Goat stolen, and secreted. Measures taken on the Occasion. Expedition cross the Island. Houses and Canoes burnt. The Goat delivered up, and Peace restored. Some Account of the Island, &c.
Section 6 -- Arrival at Huaheine. Council of the Chiefs. Omai's Offerings, and Speech to the Chiefs. His Establishment in this Island agreed to. A House built, and Garden planted for him. Singularity of his Situation. Measures taken to insure his Safety. Damage done by Cock-roaches on board the Ships. A Thief detected and punished. Fireworks exhibited. Animals left with Omai. His Family. Weapons. Inscription on his House. His Behaviour on the Ships leaving the Island. Summary View of his [pg viii] Conduct and Character. Account of the two New Zealand Youths.
Section 7 -- Arrival at Ulietea. Astronomical Observations. A Marine deserts, and is delivered up. Intelligence from Omai. Instructions to Captain Clerke. Another Desertion of a Midshipman and a Seaman. Three of the chief Persons of the Island confined on that Account. A Design to seize Captains Cook and Clerke discovered. The two Deserters brought back, and the Prisoners released. The Ships sail. Refreshments received at Ulietea. Present and former State of that Island. Account of its dethroned King, and of the late Regent of Huaheine.
Section 8 -- Arrival at Bolabola. Interview with Opoony. Reasons for purchasing Monsieur de Bougainville's Anchor. Departure from the Society Islands. Particulars about Bolabola. History of the Conquest of Otaha and Ulietea. High Reputation of the Bolabola Men. Animals left there and at Ulietea. Plentiful Supply of Provisions, and Manner of salting Pork on Board. Various Reflections relative to Otaheite and the Society Islands. Astronomical and Nautical Observations made there.
Section 9 -- Accounts of Otaheite still imperfect. The prevailing Winds. Beauty of the Country. Cultivation. Natural Curiosities. The Persons of the Natives. Diseases. General Character. Love of Pleasure. Language. Surgery and Physic. Articles of Food. Effects of drinking Ava. Times and Manner of Eating. Connexions with the Females. Circumcision. System of Religion. Notions about the Soul and a future Life. Various Superstitions. Traditions about the Creation. An historical Legend. Honours paid to the King. Distinction of Ranks. Punishment of Crimes. Peculiarities of the neighbouring Islands. Names of their Gods. Names of Islands they visit. Extent of their Navigation.
Section 10 -- Progress of the Voyage, after leaving the Society Islands. Christmas Island discovered, and Station of the Ships there. Boats sent ashore. Great Success in catching Turtle. An Eclipse of the Sun observed. Distress of two Seamen who had lost their Way. Inscription left in a Bottle. Account of the Island. Its Soil. Trees and Plants. Birds. Its Size. Form. Situation. Anchoring Ground.
Section 11 -- Some Islands discovered. Account of the Natives of Atooi, who came off to the Ships, and their Behaviour on going on Board. One of them killed. Precautions used to prevent Intercourse with the Females. A Watering-place found. Reception upon landing. Excursion into the Country. A Morai visited and described. Graves of the Chiefs, and of the human Sacrifices, there buried. Another Island, called Oneeheow, visited. Ceremonies performed by the Natives, who go off to the Ships. Reasons for believing that they are Cannibals. A Party sent ashore, who remain two Nights. Account of what passed on landing. The Ships leave the Islands, and proceed to the North.
Section 12 -- The Situation of the Islands now discovered. Their Names. Called the Sandwich Islands. Atooi described. The Soil. Climate. Vegetable Productions. Birds. Fish. Domestic Animals. Persons of the Inhabitants. Their Disposition. Dress. Ornaments. Habitations. Food. Cookery. Amusements. Manufactures. Working-tools. Knowledge of Iron accounted for. Canoes. Agriculture. Account of one of their Chiefs. Weapons. Customs agreeing with those of Tongataboo and Otaheite. Their Language the same. Extent of this Nation throughout the Pacific Ocean. Reflections on the useful Situation of the Sandwich Islands.
Section 13 -- Observations made at the Sandwich Islands, on the Longitude, Variation of the Compass and Tides. Prosecution of the Voyage. Remarks on the Mildness of the Weather, as far as the Latitude 44° North. Paucity of Sea Birds, in the Northern Hemisphere. Small Sea Animals described. Arrival on the Coast of America. Appearance of the Country. Unfavourable Winds and boisterous Weather. Remarks on Martin de Aguilar's River, and Juan de Fuca's pretended Strait. An Inlet discovered, where the Ship's anchor. Behaviour of the Natives.
Chapter 4 -- Transactions, amongst the Natives of North America; Discoveries along that Coast and the Eastern Extremity of Asia, Northward to Icy Cape; and return Southward to the Sandwich Islands
Section 1 -- The Ships enter the Sound, and moor in a Harbour. Intercourse with the Natives. Articles brought to barter. Thefts committed. The Observatories erected, and Carpenters set to work. Jealousy of the Inhabitants of the Sound to prevent other Tribes having Intercourse with the Ships. Stormy and rainy Weather. Progress round the Sound. Behaviour of the Natives at their Villages. Their Manner of drying Fish, &c. Remarkable Visit from Strangers, and introductory Ceremonies. A second Visit to one of the Villages. Leave to cut Grass, purchased. The Ships sail. Presents given and received at parting.
Section 2 -- The Name of the Sound, and Directions for Sailing into it. Account of the adjacent Country. Weather. Climate. Trees. Other Vegetable Productions. Quadrupeds, whose Skins were brought for Sale. Sea Animals. Description of a Sea-Otter. Birds. Water Fowl. Fish. Shell-fish, &c. Reptiles. Insects. Stones, &c. Persons of the Inhabitants. Their Colour. Common Dress and Ornaments. Occasional Dresses, and monstrous Decorations of wooden Masks. Their general Dispositions. Songs. Musical Instruments. Their Eagerness to possess Iron and other Metals.
Section 3 -- Manner of Building the Houses in Nootka Sound. Inside of them described. Furniture and Utensils. Wooden Images. Employments of the Men. Of the Women. Food, Animal and Vegetable. Manner of preparing it. Weapons. Manufactures and Mechanic Arts. Carving and Painting. Canoes. Implements for Fishing and Hunting. Iron Tools. Manner of procuring that Metal. Remarks on their Language, and a Specimen of it. Astronomical and Nautical Observations made in Nootka Sound.
Section 4 -- A Storm, after sailing from Nootka Sound. Resolution springs a Leak. Pretended Strait of Admiral de Fonte passed unexamined. Progress along the Coast of America. Behring's Bay. Kaye's Island. Account of it. The Ships come to an Anchor. Visited by the Natives. Their Behaviour. Fondness for Beads and Iron. Attempt to plunder the Discovery. Resolution's Leak stopped; Progress up the Sound. Messrs Gore and Roberts sent to examine its Extent. Reasons against a Passage to the North through it. The Ships proceed down it to the open Sea.
Section 5 -- The Inlet called Prince William's Sound. Its Extent. Persons of the Inhabitants described. Their Dress. Incision of the Under-lip. Various other Ornaments. Their Boats. Weapons. Fishing and hunting Instruments. Utensils. Tools. Uses Iron is applied to. Food. Language, and a Specimen of it. Animals. Birds. Fish. Iron and Beads, whence received.
Section 6 -- Progress along the Coast. Cape Elizabeth. Cape St Hermogenes. Accounts of Beering's Voyage very defective. Point Banks. Cape Douglas. Cape Bede. Mount St Augustin. Hopes of finding a Passage up an Inlet. The Ships proceed up it. Indubitable Marks of its being a River. Named [pg xii] Cook's River. The Ships return down it. Various Visits from the Natives. Lieutenant King lands, and takes Possession of the Country. His Report. The Resolution runs aground on a Shoal. Reflections on the Discovery of Cook's River. The considerable Tides in it accounted for.
Section 7 -- Discoveries after leaving Cook's River. Island of St Hermogenes. Cape Whitsunday. Cape Greville. Cape Barnabas. Two-headed Point. Trinity Island. Beering's Foggy Island. A beautiful Bird described. Kodiak and the Schumagin Islands. A Russian Letter brought on Board by a Native. Conjectures about it. Rock Point. Halibut Island. A Volcano Mountain. Providential Escape. Arrival of the Ships at Oonalaschka. Intercourse with the Natives there. Another Russian Letter. Samganoodha Harbour described.
Section 8 -- Progress Northward, after leaving Oonalashka. The Islands Oonella and Acootan. Ooneemak. Shallowness of the Water along the Coast. Bristol Bay. Round Island. Calm Point. Cape Newenham. Lieutenant Williamson lands, and his Report. Bristol Bay, and its Extent. The Ships obliged to return on account of Shoals. Natives come off to the Ships. Death of Mr Anderson; his Character; and Island named after him. Point Rodney. Sledge Island, and Remarks on landing there. King's Island. Cape Prince of Wales, the Western Extreme of America. Course Westward. Anchor in a Bay on the Coast of Asia.
Section 9 -- Behaviour of the Natives, the Tschutski, on seeing the Ships. Interview with some of them. Their Weapons. Persons. Ornaments Clothing. Winter and Summer Habitations. The Ships cross the Strait, to the Coast of America. Progress Northward. Cape Mulgrave. Appearance of Fields of Ice. Situation of Icy Cape, the Sea blocked up with Ice. Sea-horses killed, and used as Provisions. These Animals [pg xiii] described. Dimensions of one of them. Cape Lisburne. Fruitless Attempt to get through the Ice at a Distance from the Coast. Observations on the Formation of this Ice. Arrival on the Coast of Asia. Cape North. The Prosecution of the Voyage deferred to the ensuing Year.
Section 10 -- Return from Cape North, along the Coast of Asia. Views of the Country. Burney's Island. Cape Serdze Kamen, the Northern Limit of Beering's Voyage. Pass the East Cape of Asia. Description and Situation of it. Observations on Muller. The Tschutski. Bay of Saint Laurence. Two other Bays, and Habitations of the Natives. Beering's Cape Tschukotskoi. Beering's Position of this Coast accurate. Island of Saint Laurence. Pass to the American Coast. Cape Derby. Bald Head. Cape Denbigh, on a Peninsula. Besborough Island. Wood and Water procured. Visits from the Natives. Their Persons and Habitations. Produce of the Country. Marks that the Peninsula had formerly been surrounded by the Sea. Lieutenant King's Report. Norton Sound. Lunar Observations there. Stæhlin's Map proved to be erroneous. Plan of future Operations.
Section 11 -- Discoveries after leaving Norton Sound. Stuart's Island. Cape Stephens. Point Shallow-Water. Shoals on the American Coast. Clerke's Island. Gore's Island. Pinnacle Island. Arrival at Oonalashka. Intercourse with the Natives and Russian Traders. Charts of the Russian Discoveries, communicated by Mr Ismyloff. Their Errors pointed out. Situation of the Islands visited by the Russians. Account of their Settlement at Oonalashka. Of the Natives of the Island. Their Persons. Dress. Ornaments. Food. Houses and domestic Utensils. Manufactures. Manner of producing Fire. Canoes. Fishing and Hunting Implements. Fishes, and Sea Animals. Sea and Water Fowls, and [pg xiv] Land Birds. Land Animals and Vegetables. Manner of burying the Dead. Resemblance of the Natives on this Side of America to the Greenlanders and Esquimaux. Tides. Observations for determining the Longitude of Oonalashka.
Section 12 -- Departure from Oonalashka, and future Views. The Island Amoghta. Situation of a remarkable Rock. Strait between Oonalashka and Oonella repassed. Progress to the South. Melancholy Accident on board the Discovery. Mowee, one of the Sandwich Islands, discovered. Intercourse with the Natives. Visit from Terreeoboo. Another Island, called Owhyhee, discovered. The Ships ply to Windward to get round it. An Eclipse of the Moon observed. The Crew refuse to drink Sugar-cane Beer. Cordage deficient in Strength. Commendation of the Natives of Owhyhee. The Resolution gets to Windward of the Island. Her Progress down the South-East Coast. Views of the Country, and Visits from the Natives. The Discovery joins. Slow Progress Westward. Karakakooa Bay examined by Mr Bligh. Vast Concourse of the Natives. The Ships anchor in the Bay.
Chapter 5 -- Captain King's Journal of the Transactions on Returning to the Sandwich Islands
Section 1 -- Description of Karakakooa Bay. Vast Concourse of the Natives. Power of the Chiefs over the Inferior People. Visit from Koah, a Priest and Warrior. The Morai at Kakooa described. Ceremonies at the Landing of Captain Cook. Observatories erected. Powerful Operation of the Taboo. Method of Salting Pork in Tropical Climates. Society of Priests discovered. Their Hospitality and Munificence. Reception of Captain Cook. Artifice of Koah. Arrival of Terreeoboo, King of the Island. Returned by Captain Cook.
Section 2 -- Farther Account of Transactions with the Natives. Their Hospitality. Propensity to Theft. Description of a Boxing Match. Death of one of our Seamen. Behaviour of the Priests at his Funeral. The Wood Work and Images on the Morai purchased. The Natives inquisitive about our Departure. Their Opinion about the Design of our Voyage. Magnificent Presents of Terreeoboo to Captain Cook. The Ships leave the Island. The Resolution damaged in a Gale, and obliged to return.
Section 3 -- Suspicious Behaviour of the Natives, on our Return to Karakakooa Bay. Theft on Board the Discovery, and its Consequences. The Pinnace attacked, and the Crew obliged to quit her. Captain Cook's Observations on the Occasion. Attempt at the Observatory. The Cutter of the Discovery stolen. Measures taken by Captain Cook for its Recovery. Goes on Shore to invite the King on Board. The King being stopped by his Wife and the Chiefs, a Contest arises. News arrives of one of the Chiefs being killed by one of our People. Ferment on this Occasion. One of the Chiefs threatens Captain Cook, and is shot by him. General Attack by the Natives. Death of Captain Cook. Account of the Captain's Services, and a Sketch of his Character.
Section 4 -- Transactions at Owhyhee subsequent to the Death of Captain Cook. Gallant Behaviour of the Lieutenant of Marines. Dangerous Situation of the Party at the Morai. Bravery of one of the Natives. Consultation respecting future Measures. Demand of the Body of Captain Cook. Evasive and insidious Conduct of Koah and the Chiefs. Insolent Behaviour of the Natives. Promotion of Officers. Arrival of two Priests with Part of the Body. Extraordinary Behaviour of two Boys. Burning of the Village of Kakooa. Unfortunate Destruction of the Dwellings of the Priests. Recovery of the Bones of Captain Cook. Departure from Karakakooa Bay.
Section 5 -- Departure from Karakakooa in Search of a Harbour on the South-East Side of Mowee. Driven to Leeward by the Easterly Winds and Current. Pass the Island of Tahoorowha. Description of the South-West Side of Mowee. Run along the Coasts of Ranai and Morotoi to Woahoo. Description of the North-East Coast of Woahoo. Unsuccessful Attempt to Water. Passage to Atooi. Anchor in Wymoa Bay. Dangerous Situation of the Watering Party on Shore. Civil Dissensions in the Islands. Visit from the contending Chiefs. Anchor off Oneeheow. Final Departure from the Sandwich Islands.
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Section 6 -- General Account of the Sandwich Islands. Their Number, Names, and Situation. OWHYHEE. Its Extent, and Division into Districts. Account of its Coasts, and the adjacent Country. Volcanic Appearances. Snowy Mountains. Their Height determined. Account of a Journey into the Interior Parts of the Country. MOWEE. TAHOOHOWA. MOROTOI. RANAI. WOAHOO. ATOOI. ONEEHEOW. OREEHOUA. TAAOORA. Climate. Winds. Currents. Tides. Animals and Vegetables. Astronomical Observations.
Section 7 -- General Account of the Sandwich Islands continued. Of the Inhabitants. Their Origin. Persons. Pernicious effects of the Ava. Numbers. Disposition and Manners. Reasons for supposing them not Cannibals. Dress and Ornaments. Villages and Houses. Food. Occupations and Amusements. Addicted to Gaming. Their extraordinary Dexterity in Swimming. Arts and Manufactures. Curious Specimens of their Sculpture. Kipparee, or Method of Painting Cloth. Mats. Fishing Hooks. Cordage. Salt Pans. Warlike Instruments.
Section 8 -- General Account of the Sandwich Islands continued. Government. People divided into three Classes. Power of Erreetaboo. Genealogy of the Kings of Owhyhee and Mowee. Power of the Chiefs. State of the inferior Class. Punishment of Crimes. Religion. Society of Priests. The Orono. Their Idols. Songs chanted by the Chiefs, before they drink Ava. Human Sacrifices. Custom of Knocking out the fore Teeth. Notions with regard to a future State. Marriages. Remarkable Instance of Jealousy. Funeral Rites.
Chapter 6 -- Transactions during the second Expedition to the North, by the way of Kamtschatka; and on the Return Home by the way of Canton and the Cape of Good Hope
Section 1 -- Departure from Oneheeow. Fruitless Attempt to discover Modoopapappa. Course steered for Awatska Bay. Occurrences during that Passage. Sudden Change from Heat to Cold. Distress occasioned by the Leaking of the Resolution. View of the Coast of Kamtschatka. Extreme Rigour of the Climate. Lose Sight of the Discovery. The Resolution enters the Bay of Awatska. Prospect of the Town of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Party sent ashore. Their Reception by the Commanding-Officer of the Port. Message dispatched to the Commander at Bolcheretsk. Arrival of the Discovery. Return of the Messengers from the Commander. Extraordinary mode of Travelling. Visit from a Merchant and a German Servant belonging to the Commander.
Section 2 -- Scarcity of Provisions and Stores at the Harbour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul; A Party set out to visit the Commander at Bolcheretsk. Passage up the River Awatska. Account of their Reception by the Toion of Karatchin. Description of Kamtschadale Dress. Journey on Sledges. Description of this Mode of Travelling. Arrival at Natcheekin. Account of Hot Springs. Embark on Bolchoireka. Reception at the Capital. Generous and hospitable Conduct of the Commander and the Garrison. Description of Bolcheretsk. Presents from the Commander. Russian and Kamtschadale Dancing. Affecting Departure from Bolcheretsk. Return to Saint Peter and Saint Paul's, accompanied by Major Behm, who visits the Ship. Generosity of the Sailors. Dispatches sent by Major Behm to Petersburg. His Departure and Character.
Section 3 -- Continuation of Transactions in the Harbour of St Peter and St Paul. Abundance of Fish. Death of a Seaman belonging to the Resolution. The Russian Hospital put under the Care of the Ship's Surgeons. Supply of Flour and Cattle. Celebration of the King's Birth-day. Difficulties in Sailing out of the Bay. Eruption of a Volcano. Steer to the Northward. Cheepoonskoi Noss. Errors of the Russian Charts. Kamptschatskoi Noss. Island of St. Laurence. View, from the same Point, of the Coasts Asia and America, and the Islands of St. Diomede. Various Attempts to get to the North, between the two Continents. Obstructed by impenetrable Ice. Sea-horses and White Bears killed. Captain Clerke's Determination and future Designs.
Section 4 -- Fruitless Attempts to penetrate through Ice to the North-West. Dangerous Situation of the Discovery. Sea-horses killed. Fresh Obstructions from the Ice. Report of Damages, received by the Discovery. Captain Clerke's Determination to proceed to the Southward. Joy of the Ships' Crews on that Occasion. Pass Serdze Kamen. Return through Beering's Strait. Enquiry into the Extent of the North-East Coast of Asia. Reasons for rejecting Muller's Map of the Promontory of the Tschutski. Reasons for believing the Coast does not reach a higher Latitude than 70-2/3° North. General Observations on the Impracticability of a North-East or North-West Passage from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean. Comparative View of the Progress made in the Years 1778 and 1779. Remarks on the Sea and Sea-coasts, North of Beering's Strait. History of the Voyage resumed. Pass the Island of St. Laurence. The Island of Mednoi. Death of Captain Clerke. Short Account of his Services.
Section 5 -- Return to the Harbour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Promotion of Officers. Funeral of Captain Clerke. Damages of the Discovery repaired. Various other Occupations of the Ships' Crews. Letters from the Commander. Supply of Flour and Naval Stores from a Russian Galliot. Account of an Exile. Bear-hunting and Fishing Parties. Disgrace of the Serjeant. Celebration of the King's Coronation Day, and Visit from the Commander. The Serjeant reinstated. A Russian Soldier promoted at our Request. Remarks on the Discipline of the Russian Army. Church at Paratounca. Method of Bear-hunting. Farther Account of the Bears and Kamtschadales. Inscription to the Memory of Captain Clerke. Supply of Cattle. Entertainments on the Empress's Name Day. Present from the Commander. Attempt of a Marine to desert. Work out of the Bay. Nautical and Geographical Description of Awatska Bay. Astronomical Tables and Observations.
Section 6 -- General Account of Kamtschatka. Geographical Description. Rivers. Soil. Climate. Volcanoes. Hot Springs. Productions. Vegetables. Animals. Birds. Fish.
Section 7 -- General Account of Kamtschatka, continued. Of the Inhabitants. Origin of the Kamtschadales. Discovered by the Russians. Abstract of their History. Numbers. Present State. Of the Russian Commerce in Kamtschatka. Of the Kamtschadale Habitations, and Dress. Of the Kurile Islands. The Koreki. The Tschutski.
Section 8 -- Plan of our future Proceedings. Course to the Southward, along the Coast of Kamtschatka. Cape Lopatka. Pass the Islands Shoomska and Paramousir. Driven to the Eastward of the Kuriles. Singular Situation with respect to the pretended Discoveries of former Navigators. Fruitless Attempts to reach the Islands North of Japan. Geographical Conclusions. View of the Coast of Japan. Run along the East Side. Pass two Japanese Vessels. Driven off the Coast by contrary Winds. Extraordinary Effect of Currents. Steer for the Bashees. Pass large Quantities of Pumice Stone. Discover Sulphur Island. Pass the Pratas. Isles of Lema, and Ladrone Island. Chinese Pilot taken on board the Resolution. Journals of the Officers and Men secured.
Sectin 9 -- Working up to Macao. A Chinese Comprador. Sent on Shore to visit the Portuguese Governor. Effects of the Intelligence we received from Europe. Anchor in the Typa. Passage up to Canton. Bocca Tygris. Wampu. Description of a Sampane. Reception at the English Factory. Instance of the suspicious Character of the Chinese. Of their Mode of trading. Of the City of Canton. Its Size. Population. Number of Sampanes. Military Force. Of the Streets and Houses. Visit to a Chinese. Return to Macao. Great Demand for the Sea-Otter Skins. Plan of a Voyage for opening a Fur-Trade on the Western Coast of America, and prosecuting further Discoveries in the Neighbourhood of Japan. Departure from Macao. Price of Provisions in China.
Section 10 -- Leave the Typa. Orders of the Court of France respecting Captain Cook. Resolutions in consequence thereof. Strike Soundings on the Macclesfield Banks. Pass Pulo Sapata. Steer for Pulo Condore. Anchor at Pulo Condore. Transactions during our Stay. Journey to the principal Town. Receive a Visit from a Mandarin. Examine his Letters. Refreshments to be procured. Description, and present State of the Island. Its Produce. An Assertion of M. Sonnerat refuted. Astronomical and Nautical Observations.
Section 11 -- Departure from Pulo Condore. Pass the Straits of Banca. View of the Island of Sumatra. Straits of Sunda. Occurrences there. Description of the Island of Cracatoa. Prince's Island. Effects of the Climate of Java. Run to the Cape of Good Hope. Transactions there. Description of False Bay. Passage to the Orkneys. General Reflections.
Appendix 1 -- Vocabulary of the Language of Nootka, or King George's Sound. April, 1778.
Appendix 2 -- Table to shew the Affinity between the Languages Spoken at Oonalashka and Norton Sound, and those of the Greenlanders and Esquimaux.
Appendix 3 -- Byron's narrative.
The Author's Preface.
Part 1 -- Account of the Wager and her Equipment. Captain Kid's Death. Succeeded by Captain Cheap. Our Disasters commence with our Voyage. We lose Sight of our Squadron in a Gale of Wind. Dreadful Storm. Ship strikes.
Part 2 -- We land on a wild Shore. No Appearance of Inhabitants. One of our Lieutenants dies. Conduct of a Part of the Crew who remained on the Wreck. We name the Place of our Residence Mount Misery. Narrative of Transactions there. Indians appear in Canoes off the Coast. Description of them. Discontents amongst our People.
Part 3 -- Unfortunate Death of Mr Cozens. Improper Conduct of Captain Cheap. The Indians join us in a friendly Manner, but depart presently on account of the Misconduct of our Men. Our Number dreadfully reduced by Famine. Description of the various Contrivances used for procuring Food. Further Transactions. Departure from the Island.
Part 4 -- Occurrences on our Voyage. We encounter bad Weather and various Dangers and Distresses. Leave a Part of our Crew behind on a desert Shore. A strange Cemetry discovered. Narrow Escape from Wreck. Return to Mount Misery. We are visited by a Chanos Indian Cacique, who talks Spanish, with whom we again take our Departure from the Island.
Part 5 -- Navigation of the River. One of our Men dies from Fatigue. Inhumanity of the Captain. Description of our Passage through a horrible and desolate Country. Our Conductor leaves us, and a Party of our Men desert with the Boat. Dreadful Situation of the Remainder. The Cacique returns. Account of our Journey Overland. Kindness of two Indian Women. Description of the Indian Mode of Fishing. Cruel Treatment of my Indian Benefactress by her Husband.
Part 6 -- The Cacique's Conduct changes. Description of the Indian Mode of Bird-fowling. Their Religion. Mr Elliot, our Surgeon, dies. Transactions on our Journey. Miserable Situation to which we are reduced.
Part 7 -- We land on the Island of Chiloe. To our great Joy we at length discover Something having the Appearance of a House. Kindness of the Natives. We are delivered to the Custody of a Spanish Guard. Transactions with the Spanish Residents. Arrival at Chaco. Manners of the Inhabitants.
Part 8 -- Adventure with the Niece of an old Priest at Castro. Superstition of the People. The Lima Ship arrives, in which we depart for Valparaiso, January 1743. Arrival at and Treatment there. Journey to Chili. Arrival at St. Jago. Generous Conduct of a Scotch Physician. Description of the City and of the People.
Part 9 -- Account of the Bull Feasts and other Amusements. Occurrences during nearly two Years Residence. In December, 1744, we embark for Europe in the Lys French Frigate. The Vessel leaky. Dangerous Voyage. Narrow Escape from English Cruizers. Arrival in England. Conclusion.
Appendix 4 -- Bulkeley's narrative.

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