*THOMAS MOORE, by William M. Rossetti*

*Editor's introduction, by FWP*

LALLA  ROOKH  (1817)

by *THOMAS MOORE* (1779-1852)

To Samuel Rogers Esq.
is inscribed by
his very grateful and affectionate friend

The Story of the Veiled Prophet of Khorassan
[*PART ONE* --  Lalla Rookh hears about Zelica and Azim]
[*PART TWO* -- A reunion under appalling circumstances]
[*PART THREE* -- The lovers meet their final fates]

The Story of Paradise and the Peri
[*PART FOUR* -- Lalla Rookh hears about the Peri's quest]

The Story of the Fire-Worshippers
[*PART FIVE* -- Lalla Rookh hears about Hinda and Hafed]
[*PART SIX* -- Hafed is betrayed]
[*PART SEVEN* -- Hinda is abducted]
[*PART EIGHT* -- The end of the ordeal]

The Story of the Light of the Haram
[*PART NINE* -- Nourmahal and her wiles]


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