xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)

==*map of Madeira*
==*view of Funchal, Madeira*

==*map of Zanzibar*

==*view of the fort of Kachao*
==*view of manioc makers at Kachau*

==*map of the east African coast*
==*map of the northeast African coast*
==*map of the west African coast*
==*view of Cape Verde*
==*view of Porto Grande, St. Vincent, Cape Verde*
==*view of people of Cape Verde*
==*view of birds of west Africa*

==*map of Tenerife and the Canaries*

==*map of Bissau (Guinea)*
==*plan of the English Kabo Korso fort (Guinea)*

==*map of the Cote d'Ivoire*

==*view of English and Dutch forts at Accra*; *the Dutch fort Crevecoeur*; *the English fort James*; *plan of the English fort James*
==*plan of the English fort at Sukkondi*
==*view of the English and Dutch forts at Sukkondi*; *view of the Dutch fort*; *view of the English fort*
==*view of the Chateau of St. George de Mina (Ghana)*
==*view of Fort Dickscove (Ghana)*
==*view of the English Chateau d'Anamabo*
==*plan of the fort of St. Sebastian*
==*view of the forts of Badenstein and St. Sebastian*
==*plan of Cape Corse*
==*view of Cape Corse*; *a closer look*
==*view of the inside of Cape Corse*; *a closer look*
==*plan of the fort of Commendo*

==*map of the Congo, Angola, Benguela*
==*view of Loango*; *detail 1*; *detail 2*; *detail 3*; *detail 4*
==*view of the king of the Congo*
==*view of an Angolan monkey*
==*view of an Angolan chimpanzee*

==*map of the Senegal River*; *another map*
==*map of the Senegal and Niger Rivers*
==*view of Arab traders on camels, near Senegal*

==*map of the west coast of Mauritania*

==*view of Sierra Leone*; *closer view*

==*map of Juida, or Whidah, Benin*
==*plan of the king's palace, Ouidah*
==*plan of Fort Williams, Ouidah, Benin*
==*view of Fort Williams, Ouidah*

==*plan of the fortress of St. Helena*

==*map of Mozambique*
==*map of Mozambique bay*
==*plan of Mozambique fort*
==*view of Sabi*

==*map of Madagascar*

==*view of Hottentots* ; *another view of Hottentots*
==*view of a Hottentot village*
==*view of Hottentots threshing wheat*
==*view of Hottentots dancing*
==*view of a Hottentot wedding*

==*map of Saldanha Bay*

==*map of the Cape of Good Hope*
==*plan of the Fort of the Cape of Good Hope*; *another plan of the fort*
==*view of animals of South Africa*
==*view of lizards of South Africa*

==*view of Jagas, avec leurs habits et leurs armes*
==*view of Dom Daniel de Silva, Comte de Sogno*
==*view of women of Kazegut* 
==*view of men climbing palm trees

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