xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)

==*map of Haiti*
==*view of Santo Domingo*

==*map of Jamaica* (a huge scan on another site)
==*map of Fort Saint Jago*

==*map of Martinique*
==*map of French Guiana*
==*map of the fort of Cayenne, French Guiana*
==*view of Guianian weapons*
==*view of Indians of Guiana*

==*map of Guatemala and Honduras*
==*map of San Salvador, El Salvador*
==*map of Panama*

==*map of Ecuador*

==*map of northern Brazil--west*; *map of northern Brazil--east*
==*map of northeastern coast of Brazil*
==*map of southeastern coast of Brazil

==*view of Peruvians*
==*view of an Inca wedding (Peru)*

==*map of Paraguay*

==*plan of Buenos Aires*
==*view of the Bay of San Julian, Santa Cruz*

==*map of the Strait of Magellan part 1*; *part 2*
==*view of the Strait of Magellan*
==*map of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego*; *detail*
==*map of eastern Tierra del Fuego*; *detail*
==*view of Patagonians* 

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