xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)

==*map of China*
==*map of the Canton River*
==*map of Macao*

==*view of Peking*
==*view of fort Tyen Tsing Wey*
==*view of Tyen Tsing and Peking*
==*view of an observatory at Peking*; *a closer view*
==*view of the great Imperial Throne*
==*a street of Nanking*
==*view of Nanjing*; *a closer view*
==*view of the porcelain tower at Nanjing*; *a detail*
==*view of a triumphal arch at Canton*; *a closer view*
==*view of Quang Cheu Fu, Canton*; *a closer view*
==*view of the Great Wall of China*; *a detail*
==*another view of the Great Wall of China*; *a detail*

==*view of the temple of Kon Jan Siam*; *a closer view*
==*view of the temple of Pau Lin Chi*
==*view of the temple of Quang Qua Myau*
==*view of Tong Cheu and pilgrims*

==*view of Chau Chew Fu*
==*view of Fu Cheu Fu*; *a closer view*
==*view of Hu Kou Hyen*; *a detail*; *another detail*
==*view of Kan Kang Hyen*
==*view of Kya Kya*
==*view of Nang Hyong Fu*; *a detail*; *another detail*
==*view of an ancient cave temple*

==*view of the Emperor of China*
==*view of classes of Chinese people*

==*view of Chinese funeral practices*
==*view of the festival of souls*; *another view of the festival of souls*
==*view of the monks of Fo*
==*view of a Japanese palanquin*

==*map of Tibet*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
==*view of Potala*
==*view of nobles of Lhasa*
==*view of the grand lama*

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