xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)


==*view of the Court of the Great Mogol*
==*view of Shah Jahan*
==*view of Begum Sahib (Jahan Ara)*
==*view of Raushan Ara Begum*
==*view of Mir Jumla*

==*view of Malabar Coast boats*
==*map of Diu*; *closeup of the fort*
==*view of the siege of Diu*
==*view of Surat*
==*map of Bombay*; *closeup*
==*view of Dabul*
==*view of Goa*
==*view of Cananore*
==*view of the town of Cananore*
==*map of Mahe*
==*view of Da Gama meeting the Zamorin of Calicut*
==*plan of Cranganore*
==*map of Cochin* (my scan)
==*view of the king of Cochin*
==*plan of the fort of Quilon*

==*view of Masulipatam*
==*another view of Masulipatam*
==*plan of the fort of Pulicat*
==*view of St. Thomé*
==*plan of Pondicherry*
==*view of the mother of the Nawab of Arcot*

==*view of the god Shiva (Ishvara)*
==*view of the god Vishnu*
==*view of the god Brahma*
==*view of different sorts of faqirs*
==*view of execution by an elephant*

==*map of Jafnapatam, Ceylon*
==*view of Baticalo*
==*view of "Adam's Peak" with Adam's footprint, Ceylon*
==*view of the King of Candy, and a chief priest*
==*view of nobles of Ceylon*
==*view of the Ceylonese burning the body of a dead person*

==*view of different species of monkeys in Ceylon*

==*map of the Maldives*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

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