xx Histoire générale des Voyages
by *Prévost* (with *Bellin*)

==*map of Southeast Asia*: *detail 1*; *detail 2*; *detail 3*; *detail 4*
==*map of Java*: *left half*; *right half*; *detail 1*; *detail 2*; *detail 3*
==*view of the king of Brama (Burma?)*

==*view of Kong Jan, Siam*
==*view of Siam and balon boats*
==*view of Siamese people*
==*view of Talapoins, and a pagoda*

==*view of nobles of Tunquin (Vietnam)*

==*map of Celebes, the Moluccas, and the Philippines*
==*map of Celebes (Indonesia)*
==*view of Samboupo (Celebes)*
==*map of Buru Island (Moluccas)*
==*view of the Moluccas*; *a closer view*
==*view of Batavia*
==*view of the Dutch fort of Banda*
==*view of circumcision of the King of Bantam*
==*view of the tomb of Sheikh Moelana, Cirebon, West Java*
==*view of Javanese*
==*view of the King of Achem*
==*view of an islander of Amboina*

==*map of the Philippines*: *upper left*; *upper right*; *lower left*; *lower right*; *cartouche*
==*map of the Philippines (2)*
==*map of the Philippines (3)*: *upper left*; *upper right*; *lower left*; *lower right*; 

==*view of Amsterdam Island (south Indian Ocean) before its eruption*
==*view of Amsterdam Island with its volcano erupting*
==*view of Amsterdam Island after the eruption*

==*view of the Burning Mountain*
==*map of Australia and New Guinea*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

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