General resources...

*SARAI, the great resource finder*, created and maintained at Columbia University

* The Digital South Asia Library*, a superb resource center that is putting an ever-increasing variety of materials online

*The Digital Asia Library*, a searchable database of related websites, with much South Asian material

*The Indology" resource links* maintained by Dominic Wujastyk

*Digital Colonial Documents*, a project by Latrobe University

*Internet Indian History Sourcebook*, a helpful compilation of primary texts

*Online books on South Asia*, a valuable series, at the University of California Press website

*Manas*, Prof. Vinay Lal's useful overview website

*CIA profiles*-- For a detailed analysis of any nation by the Central Intelligence Agency, use the 'Select a Country' menu.

*Census of India*-- many useful charts, maps, etc. from the census of 2000

*SAFMA*-- Good regional news and information from the South Asia Media Net; also see "Country Profiles"

*Bureau of South Asian Affairs*-- The State Department's regional information site, including human rights reports.

*Library of Congress*-- Detailed "Country Studies" full of useful material.

*Carnegie Endowment publications*-- A wide range, viewable by country or topic, available in pdf form with maps and images

*Rulers*, a global source for systematic dynastic information

*Indian dynasties*, the lists according to Wikipedia

*Princely States and their Rulers*, another helpful source of dynastic information

*Worldcat*, an amazing research tool, now open to the public

*British Library Online Newspaper Archives*, a useful source for research

*"The Virtual Library of South Asia"*, annotated resource links from the University of Heidelberg

*Himal*, an intelligent journal interested in all of South Asia

*Another Subcontinent*, an interesting multifunctional website on the cultural side

*Samar*, a "South Asian magazine for action and reflection"

*The Guardian's list of English-language Indian news media websites*

*Tim Lubin's website*, with a fine collection of links on South Asian religions, etc.

*Ames Library exhibits* -- check out the "Stereoscopic" images, the series of "Ames Library Exhibitions," and much more

*BOOKS ABOUT SOUTH ASIA-- Try *D.K. Agencies* and *Manohar*in India, and *South Asia Books* in the US. All three are very helpful for research purposes, and quite reliable as book providers. And for a general review/booklist site on South Asian books, see *SouthAsianBooks*.


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