About particular places...

=="ARAMPUR"==  "A Virtual Village," a great site for educational use, with much input by real North Indian villagers: [site]
==AURANGABAD== James Traub, "Keeping Up With the Shidhayes: India's New Middle Class" (an exceptionally thoughtful look at Aurangabad), New York Times Magazine, April 15, 2001: [on this site]
==BAMIAN, AFGHANISTAN== Site of the (now-destroyed) 'Great Buddhas' and their dozens of surrounding cave temples-- an art-historical overview and tour: [site]
==BANARAS== A ZOOM-able map of Varanasi, drawn in 1876 by Kailashnath Shukla, called "Kashidarpana": [site]
==BANARAS == Sandria B. Freitag, ed., Culture and Power in Banaras: Community, Performance, and Environment, 1800-1980 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1989): [site]
==BANARAS== Nita Kumar, Friends, Brothers and Informants: Fieldwork Memoirs of Banaras (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992): [site]
==BANGALORE== "City of Boiled Beans," an unusually candid and lively travelogue about Bangalore, Indo-American adjustments, and so much more:  [site]
==BANGLADESH== Beth Roy,  Some Trouble with Cows: Making Sense of Social Conflict (Berkeley : University of California Press, 1994): [site]
==BHOPAL== A group called "Students for Bhopal" provides context for the 1984 disaster: [site]
==BIHAR== Anand A. Yang, Bazaar India: Markets, Society, and the Colonial State in Bihar (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998): [site]
==CALIFORNIA== The Ghadar Movement (1913-15), and other facets of early Indian (especially Sikh) immigration: [site]; and a photo gallery: [site]
==CENTRAL PROVINCES== Philip F. McEldowney, Colonial Administration and Social Developments in middle India: The Central Provinces, 1861-1921: most of a Univ. of Virginia dissertation: [site]
==KATARAGAMA== "Kataragama," an unusual sacred site in Sri Lanka with Hindu/Buddhist/Muslim strands: [site]
=="KARIMPUR"== "Looking Behind Mud Walls: The Village of Karimpur, 1925-1998":  [site]
==KASHMIR== An overview site from the Univ. of California library: [site]
==KASHMIR== "Kashmir Retextured," a gorgeous photo gallery on the people and culture of the area: [site]
==KASHMIR== Pankaj Mishra, a thorough and candid three-part article on Kashmir: "Death in Kashmir (Part 1)," New York Review of Books 47,14 (Sept. 21, 2000) [site]; "The Birth of a Nation (Part 2)," NYRB 47,15 (Oct. 5, 2000) [site]; "Kashmir: The Unending War (Part 3)," NYRB 47,16 (Oct. 19, 2000) [site]
==KERALA== "Poor but Prosperous," from the Atlantic, 1998: [site]
==NEPAL== "The Huntington Archiveof Buddhist and Related Art," with many special features devoted to Nepali art, festivals, and culture: [site]
==NURISTAN== Richard Strand's site on Nuristan, in the Hindu Kush mountains: [site]
==PAKISTAN== "Photographs of Pakistan," an exceptionally beautiful group of images: [site]
==PRINCELY STATES== On the Indian "princely states": [site]
==PUNJAB== Ram Narayan Kumar and Cynthia Mahmood, "Disappearances in Punjab and the Impunity of the Indian State: A Report on Current Human Rights Efforts," Oct. 1, 1998: [site]
==PUNJAB== Amnesty documents a continuing "cycle of impunity and torture," a report issued in January 2003: [site]
==RAJASTHAN== Ann Grodzins Gold, "Khyal: Changing Yearnings in Rajasthani Women's Songs" Manushi  95 (July-August 1996): [site]
==RAJASTHAN== Lindsey Harlan. Religion and Rajput Women: The Ethic of Protection in Contemporary Narratives (Berkeley : University of California Press, 1992): [site]
==RAJASTHAN== Gloria Goodwin Raheja and Ann Grodzins Gold. Listen to the Heron's Words: Reimagining Gender and Kinship in North India (Berkeley : University of California Press, 1994). About women's lives and storytelling traditions in Rajasthan: [site]
==SIGIRIYA== The late-fifth-century Buddhist mountaintop site in Sri Lanka: [site]
==SIKHS IN CALIFORNIA== An excellent history of the Ghadar Movement, and much more besides: [site]
==SIND== A vividly presented set of resources and information about Sind: [site]
==SOUTHEAST ASIA== A great (and scholarly) image site, for comparisons: [site]
==SURAT== Douglas E. Haynes, Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India: The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991): [site]
==TAMILNADU== Sumathi Ramaswamy. Passions of the Tongue: Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997): [site]
==TAMILNADU== David West Rudner, Caste and Capitalism in Colonial India: The Nattukottai Chettiars (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994): [site]
==TIBET== A gorgeous website devoted to Tibetan Buddhist art: [site]
==UNITED STATES== The Diaspora: a Symposium on Indian-Americans and the motherland, in Seminar 538 (June 2004): [site
==A VIRTUAL VILLAGE == An excellent website by Peter Gottschalk of Wesleyan University and Matthew Schmalz of Holy Cross, with much input from real North Indian villagers, both Hindu and Muslim: [site]
==YAMUNA RIVER==  "A walk beside the Yamuna," an educational site, well designed, about Mughal monuments, including the Taj Mahal: [site


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