Ghazal 13, Verse 7


taaraaj-e kaavish-e ;Gam-e hijraa;N hu))aa asad
siinah kih thaa dafiinah guharhaa-e raaz kaa

1) it became plundered by the digging/investigation of the grief of separation, Asad
2) the breast that was a buried treasure of pearls of mystery


taaraaj : 'Plunder, pillage, devastation'. (Platts p.304)


kaavish : 'Digging; excavation; --investigation, inquiry, research, meditation; intentness'. (Platts p.808)


Alas, Asad, that grief dug up that buried treasure of mystery and looted it; the result is that grief disgraced him. (14)

== Nazm page 14


Urdu text: Vajid 1902 {13}

Bekhud Dihlavi:

The digging of the grief of separation, oh Asad, conquered the heart and looted it and destroyed it. Whatever treasuries of the secrets of passion or secrets of mystical knowledge were hidden in the breast, they have all been exposed. (28)

Bekhud Mohani:

Alas, the troubles of the grief of separation have looted that heart that was a treasury of the secrets of mystical knowledge. (29)



Even more fully than in the previous verse, {13,6}, the possibilities of kaavish are wittily exploited. An ordinary looter, seeking wealth, digs up pearls; an investigator, seeking knowledge, uncovers mysteries. The depths of the lover's heart used to contain 'pearls of mystery'. And now they've all been ravaged and looted.

But what exactly was the nature of this looting? It was the digging/investigation 'of' the grief 'of' separation [kaavish-e ;Gam-e hijraa;N]. Even if we take the second i.zaafat straightforwardly, the first one can still go at least two ways. Was it digging done 'by' the grief of separation, or investigation 'of' the grief of separation? In the first (active) reading, it was the grief itself that did the digging, boring down steadily into the breast and destroying everything it touched.

In the second (passive, metaphorical) reading, it was the 'investigation' of grief, the analytical 'digging', that did the damage. Doctors tried to diagnose the grief, friends tried to explore it, the lover himself tried to plumb its depths. All this obsessive inquiry, all this analytical dissection, ended up wrecking the pearls of mystery in the lover's breast.

For a similarly multivalent case, see {1,2}, where the digging, the kaav-kaav, can also be taken either actively or passively. For a less complex use of kaavish, see {15,8}. Then in {178,5} we find the wonderfully vivid kurednaa .