Ghazal 139, Verse 5


zahr lagtii hai mujhe aab-o-havaa-e zindagii
ya((nii tujh se thii use naa-saaz-gaarii haa))e haa))e

1) it seems poison to me, the atmosphere/'water and air' of life
2) that is, {because of / with} you, it had disagreement/indisposition-- alas!


naa-saaz-gaarii : 'Discordance, dissonance, disagreement, dissension; --inadaptability; --absurdity; --indisposition; --ill-behaviour; --dissimulation'. (Platts p.1110)


That is, when life proved unfaithful to you, then I became disaffected from this life. (149)

== Nazm page 149

Bekhud Dihlavi:

He says, for me the 'air and water' of life have the effect of poison. Since it proved unfaithful to you, then I too consider such a life to be worse than death. (205)

Bekhud Mohani:

The 'air and water' of life didn't suit you. Thus I too am disaffected with them. (272)



For extensive commentary on this whole very unusual ghazal, see {139,1}.

This verse contains wordplay involving air and water, poison, and indisposition. But by Ghalibian standards, not much is made of it.