Ghazal 139, Verse 12


((ishq ne pak;Raa nah thaa ;Gaalib abhii va;hshat kaa rang
rah gayaa thaa dil me;N jo kuchh ;zauq-e ;xvaarii haa))e haa))e

1) passion had not yet taken on, Ghalib, the aspect/mood of madness
2) whatever had remained in the heart-- a taste/relish for wretchedness-- alas!


;xvaarii : 'Contemptibleness, meanness, baseness, vileness; abjectness, friendlessness, wretchedness, distress'. (Platts p.494)


It had not yet come the time for my roaming about and desert-wandering, when through the shame of disgrace the beloved gave up her life. And the relish for wretchedness that had been in my heart, remained in my heart. (150)

== Nazm page 150

Bekhud Dihlavi:

He says, oh Ghalib, my passion had not yet assumed the aspect of madness. That is, I had not yet performed roaming and desert-wandering, when for fear of disgrace, my beloved gave up her life. And in my heart this kind of taste/relish for wretchedness remained in my heart. (207)

Bekhud Mohani:

That is, your beauty was such that if you had remained alive, my passion would certainly have reached the level of madness. (274)


MADNESS: {14,3}

For extensive commentary on this whole very unusual ghazal, see {139,1}.

Apparently this closing-verse was composed to replace {139,13x}, which used the same rhyme-word but had 'Asad' rather than 'Ghalib'.

I have nothing to add to the commentators' remarks.