Ghazal 162, Verse 5


yih parii-chahrah log kaise hai;N
;Gamzah-o-((ishvah-o-adaa kyaa hai

1a) these Pari-faced people-- what are they like?
1b) these Pari-faced people-- the way they are!

2a) sidelong glances, airs and graces-- what are they?
2b) what sidelong glances, airs and graces, there are!



[See discussion in {162,4}.]

== Nazm page 174; Nazm page 175

Bekhud Dihlavi:

When in this world there's no one else except You, then how are these Pari-like lovely ones and beautiful people to be seen? These people's sidelong glances and airs and graces-- what things are they? (233)

Bekhud Mohani:

[See discussion in {162,4}.]



This is the second verse of a four-verse verse-set. For general discussion of the whole verse-set, see {162,4}.

This is the most radically inshaa))iyah verse of the whole verse-set-- both lines may be either sincerely interrogative ('why, God, are all these beautiful and flirtatious women here?') or admiringly exclamatory ('how amazing these beautiful ones are, how powerful their coquetry!').