Ghazal 162, Verse 5


yih parii-chahrah log kaise hai;N
;Gamzah-o-((ishvah-o-adaa kyaa hai

1a) these Pari-faced people-- what are they like?
1b) these Pari-faced people-- the way they are!

2a) sidelong glances, airs and graces-- what are they?
2b) what sidelong glances, airs and graces, there are!



[See discussion in {162,4}.]

== Nazm page 174; Nazm page 175

Bekhud Dihlavi:

When in this world there's no one else except You, then how are these Pari-like lovely ones and beautiful people to be seen? These people's sidelong glances and airs and graces-- what things are they? (233)

Bekhud Mohani:

[See discussion in {162,4}.]



This is the second verse of a four-verse verse-set. For general discussion of the whole verse-set, see {162,4}.

This is the most radically inshaa))iyah verse of the whole verse-set-- both lines may be either sincerely interrogative ('why, God, are all these beautiful and flirtatious women here?') or admiringly exclamatory ('how amazing these beautiful ones are, how powerful their coquetry!').

Remember Galadriel? Might she not count as an example of the parii-chahrah log ?