Ghazal 177, Verse 10


saat iqliim kaa ;haa.sil jo faraaham kiije
to vuh lashkar kaa tire na((l-bahaa hotaa hai

1) if/when the produce of the seven continents would be gathered
2) then that is [habitually] the horseshoe-expense of your army


kiije is an archaic form of kiyaa jaa))e (GRAMMAR)


This is a Persian idiom, that they say haft iqliim , and [the normal plural form] haft iqliimhaa is wrong. And in Urdu it's contrary to this, but the words saat iqliim have entered into the idiom. (200)

== Nazm page 199

Bekhud Dihlavi:

He says, If the produce of all the seven continents would be collected, then it is as if it's the expense of your army's horseshoes'. (258)

Bekhud Mohani:

If the income of the whole world would be gathered in one place, then the cost of shoeing your army's horses would be able to be paid. (350)



This is the second verse of a four-verse verse-set that begins with {177,9}. For discussion of the verse-set as a whole, see {177,9}.