Ghazal 234, Verse 12


zamaanah ((ahd me;N us ke hai ma;hv-e aaraa))ish
bane;Nge aur sitaare ab aasmaa;N ke liye

1) the age, in his era, is absorbed in adornment
2) now more stars will {come about / appear}, for the sky



The praised person's name is Tajammul Husain; for this reason, in his era the age is absorbed only in decoration [tajammul] and adornment. (267)

== Nazm page 267

Bekhud Dihlavi:

He says, in his time the age has become absorbed in adornment. These present stars were not enough for the adornment of the sky. Thus the necessity of more stars' becoming/developing [bannaa] presents itself, because he wants to see every substance in a more perfect condition. (326)

Bekhud Mohani:

During the period of his reign, the world is becoming absorbed in adorning itself. Thus I know that the present stars won't be enough for the beautification of the skies, and new stars will be created [paidaa kiyaa jaanaa]. (507)


SKY {15,7}

The nature of this verse as the fourth in a kind of four-verse verse-set is discussed in {234,8}.

In this verse too, the same awkward intransitive verb structure occurs; for discussion see {234,11}. And this verse too, like {234,11}, cannot stand alone, but must be read as part of some kind of verse-set.

Be honest, dear reader-- aren't you relieved that this little praise-excursion is now finally over?