The two commentaries ofmaulvii ((abd ul-baarii aasii (1893-1946)

mukammal shar;h-e kalaam-e ;Gaalib
ya((nii ;Gaalib ke ;Gair-ma:tbuu((ah kalaam kii mufa.s.sil aur mukammal shar;h

Lucknow: Siddiq Book Depot, n.d. (earlier 1930's?)

(on the UNPUBLISHED verses from the ghazals of the PUBLISHED divan)


*The letter alif* (pp. 49-95)

*The letters be through miim* (pp. 95-160)

*The letters nuun through he* (pp. 161-215)

*The letter ye* (pp. 215-318)

mukammal shar;h-e diivaan-e ;Gaalib

Lucknow: Siddiq Book Depot, 1931

(on the PUBLISHED divan)

*The letter alif*

*The letters be through miim*

*The letters nuun through he*

*The letter ye up through {179}*

*The letter ye from {180} on*


This text is from the collection of Satyanarayan Hegde, and is made available here through his generous help

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