*Early Modern India*: a Select Glossary

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Islamic: *Wikipedia*; *Univ. of Georgia*; *Encyclopedia Iranica*
Maps: *the Punjab and the upper Indus*
*Sindh and the lower Indus*
*the Delhi region*
*the Gulf of Cambay and the Deccan*
*the mouths of the Ganges*
*the Malabar coast*
*the Coromandel coast*
*the South*
*Sri Lanka*
*Other resources*:

= Ibn Batuta, *Travels* (1320's-40's)
= della Valle, Pietro, *Travels* (1650-63)
= Tavernier, Jean Baptiste, *Travels in India* (1676)
= Ananda Ranga Pillai, interpreter to Dupleix in Pondicherry: *diary selections* (1736-61)
= Solvyns, Fran
ois Balthasar (1790's): *The Etchings Online**

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= Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali, *Observations on the Mussalmauns of India* (1832)
= Macaulay, Thomas Babington, *Lord Clive* (1840), *Warren Hastings* (1841), and *other writings*
= Sleeman, William H., *Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official** (1844)
= Sleeman, William H., *A Journey through the Kingdom of Oude** (1858)
= Platts, John T., *A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English** (1884)
= Yule, Henry, and A. C. Burnell, *Hobson-Jobson**: A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Phrases (1886)
= Havell, E. B., *A Handbook to Agra* (1904)
= Biddulph, John, *The Pirates of Malabar* (1907)
= *The Imperial Gazetteer of India** (1908-1931)
= Ikram, S. M. *Muslim Civilization in India*, ed. by Ainslie T. Embree (New York: Columbia University Press, 1964); this online text has its own *glossary* and *index*


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