From the "L'Isole Piv Famose Del Mondo," by Porcacchi; a 1572 map from 1620 edition; *title page*

A map by *MUNSTER*, c.1588

From the 1628 Hondius and Jansson edition of the Mercator atlas

Manar and Columbo, from a Portuguese atlas, 1630

Source: ebay, Mar. 2007

Views of Colombo and Pointe de Galle, 1700, in a German version of Mallet

Three towns in Ceylon: Gammalamme, Colombo, and Pointe de Galle, in a Dutch account from 1702

"This 3-city view of Sri Lanka - Gammalamme; Colombo & Galle -- was published in the 1702 French edition of  Recueil des voyages.... translated from the Dutch 1645 edition of  Begin ende voortgangh van de vereenighde Nederlantsche Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische Compagnie, the original collection of travel accounts concerning the Dutch East India Company.  The Dutch edition was translated and edited into French by Rene Auguste Constantin de Renneville. (Ref: Tooley; M&B)."

From "Nova tabula terrarum Cucan, Canara, Malabaria, Madura & Coramandelia, cum parte septroniali insulae Ceylon, in Mari Indico Orientali" by Gerard van Keulen, Amsterdam, c.1704

A map by Christopher Weigel, Nuremberg, 1719

"Magnificence du Roi de Candy en donnant audience," from 'La galerie agreable du monde (…). Tome premier des Indes Orientales.', published by P. van der Aa, Leyden, c. 1725

From "Peninsula Indiae citra Gangem, hoc est Orae Celeberrimae Malabar & Coromandel. Cum Adjacente Insula non Minus Celebratissima Ceylon," by Homann Heirs, 1733

From a map by de Vaugondy, 1751

*From Rev. John Blair's "Chronology & History of the World from the Creation to the Year of Christ 1779," London*

From a map of South and Southeast Asia by Frederico de Wit, Amsterdam, c.1790

*From Robert Wilkinson's "A General Atlas Being a Collection of  Maps of The World and Quarters, the Principal Empires & Kingdoms," London, 1808*

*From a map by John Archer from "Gilbert's Modern Atlas of The Earth with Descriptive Letter-Press by Robert Mudie," Grattan & Gilbert, London, 1840*

*From Colton's General Atlas, , by J. H. Colton and Co., New York, 1857*

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