*A Ptolemaic map by Girolamo Ruscelli, 1574*

A view from a map called "Asiae Nova Descriptio" by Mercator and Hondius, 1628

From a map by Hermann Moll, from "Modern History: or, the Present State of all Nations", by Thomas Salmon; London, Bettesworth & Hitch, 1739

*From a map by Isaak Tirion, from "Atlante Novissimo Che Contiene Tutte le Parti del Mondo,"  Venice: 1740*

From a Bellin map from Prevost's "Histoire Generale des Voyages," 1752

*From a map by Rigobert Bonne, 1780*

*From a map by Louis Brion de la Tour, from 'Histoire Universelle depuis le Commencement du Monde', c.1780*

*From a map by Rigobert Bonne, 1787*

From a map by Thomas Kitchin, from "Guthrie's System of Geography," London, 1785

*From a 1786 map by Samuel Dunn of Philadelphia, from "A New Atlas of the Mundane System, or of Geography and Cosmography" (London: Robert Sayer, 1788)*

From a map by J. Johnson, from "Universal Geography formed into a new and entire system describing Asia, Afria, Europe and America," 1792

*From a map by Wilkinson, "A General Atlas," London, 1794*

From a map by John Russell (pub. C. Dilly & G.G. & J. Robinson) London, 1797

*From a map by John Russell, Ogilvy & Son, London, 1798*

*From a map by  J. Barlow, published by R. Edwards, London, 1798*

*From a map by R. Laurie & J. Whittle, London, 1801*

Aaron Arrowsmith (Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, London, 1805) gives the old alternative name of "Nilab" for the Indus

*From a map by Arrowsmith & Lewis from A New and Elegant General Atlas, published by Thomas & Andrews, Boston, 1812*

*From "Smith's New General Atlas" by Charles Smith, Mapseller to the Prince Regent, published by Charles Smith, London, 1813*

*From a map by John Thomson, in "A New General Atlas of the World" (W. & D. Lizars, Edinburgh, 1817)*; and
*an even closer view from another map in the same atlas*

*From a map by J. Smith, An Atlas to Guthrie's Geographical Grammar (J. Mawman, London, 1819*

From "A General Atlas" by James Wyld, published by John Thomson, London, 1822

*From "A New General Atlas, constructed from the Latest authorities, by A. Arrowsmith" (Constable & Co., London, 1823)*

*From a map by Sidney Hall, from "Walker's Atlas," London, 1823*

*From a map by J. C. Russell, from "Ostell's New General Atlas", London, 1823*

From "Outlines of The World," by Aaron and Samuel Arrowsmith, London, 1825

*A view by Alexander Findlay, from "A New & Complete System of Universal Geography" by Christopher Kelly (Thomas Kelly, London, 1825)*

*From "Smith's New General Atlas," by Charles Smith, London, 1828*

*From a map by Sidney Hall, from A General Atlas of Modern and Ancient Geography by Samuel Butler (Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, London, 1835)*

*From a map by Orr & Smith, London, 1836*

*From a map by John Archer from "Gilbert's Modern Atlas of The Earth with Descriptive Letter-Press by Robert Mudie," Grattan & Gilbert, London, 1840*

*From "Lizars' Edinburgh Geographical General Atlas: containing Maps of Every Empire, State, and Kingdom," by W.H. Lizars, Edinburgh, 1840*

*From an atlas map by Adam and Charles Hall, Edinburgh, 1841*

*From an atlas map by Alexander G. Findlay, London, 1845*

*From "A Desciptive Atlas of Astronomy and of Physical and Political Geography" by Rev. Thomas Milner, with maps constructed by Augustus Petermann and engraved by John Dower (Orr & Co., London, 1850)*

*From a "General Atlas of The World" by Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, 1854*

*From an atlas map by G. H. Swanston (A Fullarton, Edinburgh) from 1855*

*From "The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography" by Alexander Keith Johnston, published by William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London, 1861*

*From a map by J. and C. Walker, published by SDUK, 1861*

*A map showing the Punjabi travel route of Louis Rousselet, from his 'India and its Native Princes', 1878*

*"Afghan Frontier, Southeast Afghanistan, and Western Punjab," from Constable's 1893 hand atlas*

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