*Part of Mirzapore; a pencil drawing by Robert Smith, 1813* (BL)
Another version: *Part of Mirzapore. Sepr. 1814*

*'Mirzapore 1835'; a drawing by Harriot Mary Woodcock* (BL);
also: *'Mozuffergunge Gate Mirzapore July 1833'*

A temple at Mirzapur in an albumen photograph, c.1850

Source: http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/search/LOTDETAIL.ASP?sid=&intObjectID=4572603&SE=CMWCAT03+100699+%2D1667562950+&QR=M+1+0+Aqc0000900+87990++Aqc0000900+&entry=india&SU=1&SN=7074&RQ=True&AN=1
(downloaded Sept. 2005)

"BARON ALEXIS DE LA GRANGE. Mirzapour [1849-1850]. Albumen print, non-Blanquart Evrard process from salt (or paper waxed?) negative."

*The Collector's House, Mirzapur (U.P.). 31 December 1868; a watercolor by Stanley Leighton* (BL)

The Delhi Gate, Mirzapur, as it survives today

Source: http://www.prayasabhinav.net/IMG/jpg/mirzapur_51_.jpg
(downloaded Mar. 2006)

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