A very elaborate ewer, probably from Central India, 1600's

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"A WHITE BRONZE BIRD AQUAMANILE, PROBABLY CENTRAL INDIA, CIRCA 17TH CENTURY. Of bird-like form, with two short webbed feet, and a curved body with two upper openings jutting upwards from the top and a large wing to either side, the tail upturned, spout protrouding from the chest, densely decorated all over with feather-like patterns and areas of scrolling, particularly along the bottom and within a contained area in the wing, areas of corrosion. 7 7/8in. (20cm.) at highest point."

An ornate ewer probably from the Deccan or Central area, late 1600's or early 1700's

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"AN INDIAN ENGRAVED BRASS EWER, PROBABLY DECCAN, CENTRAL INDIA, 17TH OR EARLY 18TH CENTURY. Of octagonal-section drop shape rising through a boss to the deep octagonal bowl mouth, with scrolling handle, S-shaped spout, and hinged lid on stepped flaring foot, the main body of the ewer decorated with bands of scrolling arabesques on a dotted ground forming drop-shaped panels containing similar medallions, foot possibly a slightly later addition. 13in. (33cm.) high."

A more typical brass aftaba or ewer, 1700's

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"A MUGHAL BRASS EWER, INDIA, 18TH CENTURY. Of pear shape on four feet, with straight spout and scrolling handle, domed cover with pointed finial, decorated to either side with flowers in a teardrop shaped raised cartouche, against a ground of leaves - 11 1/2in. (29.1cm.) high."

A brass ewer with an ornate stand, 1700's

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"A MUGHAL BRASS EWER AND STAND, INDIA, 18TH CENTURY. Of pear shape with domed lid, scrolling handle with tiger and dragon head terminals, straight spout, Persian inscription to side, the stand on four domed feet with surmounted peacocks and pierced sides - 19in. (48.2cm) high."

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