Suggested Readings
THE following list includes works that are especially valuable for giving more detailed treatment of certain topics than has been possible in this book. Most of them have bibliographies. Not all works referred to in the text have been included; reference should be made to the footnotes for primary sources.

General Historical Studies

Haig, Sir Wolseley et al., editors. The Cambridge History of India. Vols. III-V. Cambridge, 1928-37; Delhi, 1957-58.
Hardy, Peter. Historians of Medieval India: Studies in Indo-Muslim Historical Writing. London, 1960.
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Majumdar, R. C., editor. The History and Culture of the Indian People. Vols. V-IX. Bombay, 1957-. Vols. VII and VIII have not yet been published. Full bibliographies.
Prasad, Ishwari. A Short History of Muslim Rule in India. Allahabad, 1959.
Qureshi, I. H. The Muslim Community in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent. Gravenage, 1962.
Tarachand. Influence of Islam in India and Pakistan. Calcutta, 1959.
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The Delhi Sultanate

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Lal, K. S. History of the Khaljis, 1290-1320. Allahabad, 1950.
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The Mughal Empire

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Regional Kingdoms

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The European Powers and the Mughals

Danvers, Frederick C. The Portuguese in India. 2 vols. London, 1894.
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Literature and the Arts

Bailey, T. G. A History of Urdu Literature. Calcutta, 1932.
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——. Indian Painting under the Mughals. Oxford, 1924.
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Welch, Stuart C. The Art of Mughal India. New York, 1964.

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