Chronology and Dynasties, 712-1526
First Phase
c.570–632  Life of the Prophet Muhammad
711–713 Conquest of Sind and Multan by Muhammad ibn Qasim.
998–1030 Reign of Mahmud of Ghazni. Raids on India.
1020 Lahore becomes part of Ghaznavid empire.
1151 Rise of Ghuri empire.
1186 Capture of Lahore by Muhammad Ghuri.
1192 Defeat of Prithvi Raj by Muhammad Ghuri at Tarain.

The Sultanate

1206–1210 Aibak, first sultan of Delhi and founder of the Slave dynasty, 1206–1290.
1211–1236 Reign of Iltutmish.
1266–1287 Reign of Balban.
1290–1320 The Khalji dynasty.
1296–1316 Expansion to South India under Ala-ud-din.
1320–1413 The Tughluq dynasty.
1325–1351 Reign of Muhammad Tughluq.
1351–1388 Reign of Firuz Shah
c.1300–1500 Establishment of regional kingdoms.
1414–1451 The Sayyid dynasty.
1451–1526 The Lodi dynasty.
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