Chronology and Dynasties, 1526-1858:
The Mughal Empire
1526 First Battle of Panipat: Mughals defeat the Lodis.
15261530 Reign of Babur
1530 Accession of Humayun.
15401555 The Sur dynasty.
1556 Second Battle of Panipat: Humayun regains power.
15561605  Reign of Akbar.
16051627 Reign of Jahangir.
16271658  Reign of Shah Jahan.
c.16461680 Rise of the Marathas under Shivaji.
16581707 Reign of Aurangzeb.
17131719 Reign of Farrukhsiyar.
17191748 Reign of Muhammad Shah.
17201740  Maratha expansion under Baji Rao I.
1739 Sack of Delhi by Nadir Shah.
c.17201750  Establishment of Hyderabad, Oudh, and Bengal as independent states.
1757 Battle of Plassey: Clive defeats Nawab of Bengal. Ahmad Shah Abdali sacks Delhi.
17591806  Reign of Shah Alam II.
1761 Third Battle of Panipat: Afghans and Mughals defeat Marathas.
1765  Diwani of Bengal granted to East India Company.
17741785 Warren Hastings, Governor-General.
17751782 First Anglo-Maratha war.
17981805 Lord Wellesley, Governor-General.
1803  Delhi taken by the British.
18061837  Reign of Akbar Shah II.
18371858 Reign of Bahadur Shah II.
1843 British take Sind.
1849 British annex Punjab.
1856 Annexation of Oudh.
18571858 Mutiny and revolt.
1858 British India placed under the Crown. Bahadur Shah deposed.
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