=SARAI, the great resource finder: [site]

=DSAL, the Digital South Asia Library, a superb resource center that is putting an ever-increasing variety of useful research materials online: [site]

=AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PAKISTAN STUDIES-- AIPS maintains a more and more extensive website: [site]

=NOTE-- There's also useful material on other pages of this site.

=RELIGIONS-- An overview of the world's major religions: [site]

=SACRED DAYS-- in all the major religions: [site]

=COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF SOUTH ASIA, AFRICA, and the MIDDLE EAST (CSSAME)-- An excellent journal, with extensive archives: [site]

ABOUT ISLAM in general:

=Prof. Alan Godlas's excellent general resource center on Islam: [site]

=Prof. Jerome Clinton's very helpful Islam website at Princeton: [site]

=The best timeline of Islamic history I've seen: [site]

=A website full of document sources for the study of Islamic law and religion: [site]

="Islamic Philosophy Online," a site that provides many texts: [site]

="The Virtual Haj," a great website at Princeton: [site]

="The Birth of Islam," a beautiful site at the Metropolitan Museum: [site]

="The Mohamed Image Archive," a comprehensive overview site: [site]

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