=AMERICAN ISLAM-- "Progressive Islam in America," an excellent discussion by NPR, Feb. 26, 2004,  with some important American Muslim theorists and activists: [site]
=AMIR KHUSRAU-- A general website devoted to this important 13th-century Indo-Persian Sufi and poet: [site]
=ARABIAN NIGHTS-- A website that explores the multicultural transmission and influence of this inexhaustible story cycle: [site]. The Burton translation is available free to the public through NetLibrary: [site]
=ART-- Islamic art at the Met-- highlights of the collection, many Indo-Muslim: [site

=BABARI MASJID DESTRUCTION (1992) and the aftermath

=Overview site with historical coverage: The Hindu: [site]
=An archive of information, viewed from the Muslim side: [site]
=Social Scientist 21, 242-43 (1993): "Ayodhya"; a special issue: [site]
=The Bombay riots of 1992-- "When Bombay Burnt," the full text of the Srikrishna Report: [site]
=Krishna Mohan Shrimali, "Whither Indian Archaeology?," Frontline, Oct. 11-24, 2003: [site]
=Amitav Ghosh, "The Man Behind the Mosque," The Little Magazine 1,2 (2000): [site]
=Rafiq Zakaria, "A People Still Hurt," The Hindu, Dec. 2, 2001: [site]
="'Organised attempt to write history with slanted agenda': Amartya Sen"-- and other reports from Rediff, Jan 2, 2001: [site]
=Mark Tully, "India's Black Day Remembered," on the BBC website (Dec. 28, 2002): [site]
=The Week, March 23, 2003 (several articles): [site]
=Sukumar Muralidharan, "Ayodhya: Not the Last Word Yet," Frontline 20,19 (Sept. 13-16, 2003): [site]
=K. M. Shrimali, "Whither Indian Archaeology?", Frontline 20,21 (Oct. 21-24, 2003): [site]

=BANGLADESH and the war that created it-- A military history site from the SAPRA India Foundation: [site]
=BIHARI REFUGEES-- "Bihari Refugees: Unending Plight of a Stranded People": [site]
=BOMBAY RIOTS 1992-- "When Bombay Burnt: The Complete Report of the Srikrishna Commission on the Riots in Bombay": [site]
=CALLIGRAPHY-- Many gorgeous examples: [on this site]
=CARAVANSERAIS-- A UNESCO website about these rest-houses for merchants and travellers: [site]
=CARPETS-- Mughal carpets at the Met-- a gorgeous presentation and study: [site]
=CENTRAL ASIA-- Prof. Dan Waugh's fine website on Central Asia: [site]
=COMMUNALISM-- A good set of links about "communalism" (that is, religious chauvinism) by both Hindus and Muslims in South Asia: [site]
=DAWN-- This important Pakistani newspaper/magazine has both a current site [site] and an even more valuable searchable archive maintained by the Univ. of Virginia: [site]
=DEOBAND-- The elaborate website of the greatly influential seminary in North India: [site]
=GAY RIGHTS-- An unexpected perspective on being gay in Pakistan: [site]

=GUJARAT VIOLENCE (2002) and the aftermath

=A cumulative overview index at South Asia Citizens Web: [site]
=A cumulative overview at Rediff: [site]
=“We Have No Orders To Save You”: State Participation and Complicity in Communal Violence in Gujarat" (report from Human Rights Watch on massacres, Feb. 2002): [site]
="Communal Fascism in Gujarat,"Frontline cover story: report on Godhra, Gujarat, related communal tensions, Mar. 16-29, 2002: [site]
=Pankaj Mishra, "Murder in India," New York Review of Books, Aug. 15, 2002: [site]
="Leads From Purgatory: A citizens' panel confirms the post-Godhra riots were planned," Outlook India, Dec. 2, 2002: [site]
=A detailed investigative report by the Indian Express: [site]
=A comprehensive overview by Tehelka: [site]

=IBN BATTUTA-- A "virtual tour" of the famous 14th-century traveler's route, including Delhi under the Sultanate; prepared for middle-school students: [site]; his travels in India: [on this site]
=IRAQ WAR-- "Muslims, Islam, and the Iraq War"; another excellent in-depth website by Dr. Alan Godlas of the Univ. of Georgia: [site]
=ISMAILI STUDIES EXHIBITS-- A gallery of varying exhibits presented by the Institute of Ismaili Studies: [site]
=JAMAAT-E ISLAMI-- The Pakistani group that upholds the legacy of Sayyid Abu'l-Ala Maududi: [site]

=KASHMIR-- a continuing source of tension
        =The Kashmir Virtual Library, a comprehensive and reliable research tool: [site]
       =Pankaj Mishra, a three-part article on Kashmir in The New York Review of Books: "Death in Kashmir (Part 1)," NYR  47,14 (Sept. 21, 2000): [site]; "The Birth of a Nation (Part 2)," NYR 47,15 (Oct. 5, 2000): [site]; "Kashmir: The Unending War (Part 3)," NYR 47,16 (Oct. 19, 2000): [site]

="MILLI GAZETTE"-- "Indian Muslims' Leading English Newspaper": [site]
=MUGHAL GENEALOGY-- a detailed spreadsheet compiled by Audrey Truschke: [on this site]
-- Richard Strand's site on Nuristan, in the Hindu Kush mountains: [site]

=PAKISTAN-- The Virtual Library site: [site]
=PAKISTAN-- "Photographs of Pakistan," an exceptionally beautiful group of images: [site]
=PAKISTAN-- "The Story of Pakistan," a comprehensive website on political history: [site]
=PARTITION-- An excellent set of links to valuable articles, from SACWEB: [site]
=PARTITION-- A report from Dr. Zakir Husain of his own experiences: [on this site]
=POSTER ART-- "This is What they Look Like," a website about depictions of South Asian Muslims in religious posters and Bollywood films: [site]
=SHAH BANO CASE -- "Shah Bano: Muslim Women's Rights": [site]
=SHAH NAMAH-- The Princeton Shahnamah Project presents the great Persian national epic in depth: [site]
=SPICE TRADE-- A "Trade and Environment Database" case study linking the spread of Islam to the Arab spice trade: [site]
=SUFISM-- A truly lovely and enjoyable site-- images, even recipes, mostly Turkish; wonderful for browsing: [site]
=TASLIMA NASRIN-- The home page of the controversial Bangladeshi feminist/secularist writer, now living in exile: [site]
=TIPU SULTAN-- "The Tiger and the Thistle: Tipu Sultan and the Scots in India," a wonderful site by the National Galleries of Scotland: [site]
=TIPU SULTAN-- The BBC's illustrated overview of his career: [site]
=TOPKAPI MUSEUM-- A great site for comparative material on Turkish art and culture: [site]
="A VIRTUAL VILLAGE"-- an excellent website by Peter Gottschalk with much input from real North Indian villagers, both Hindu and Muslim: [site]
="A WALK BESIDE THE YAMUNA"-- an educational site about Mughal monuments: [site]
=WAR of 1971-- "The 1971 India-Pakistan War site": [site]
=WOMEN AS PRAYER LEADERS-- An overview site with many articles: [site]

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