Source: Report of the Court of Inquiry constituted under Punjab Act II of 1954 to enquire into the Punjab Disturbances of 1953 (Lahore: Government Printing Press, 1953), pp. 201-235. Section numbers have been added by FWP. Paragraphs in the original text have been lettered for convenience in discussion, and then broken into shorter ones for ease in reading. Punctuation has occasionally been adjusted for clarity, and small errors have been corrected. All editorial annotations in square brackets are by FWP. All italicized transliterations are those of the original text.

Selections from Part IV of the

"What then is the Islamic State of which everybody talks but nobody thinks?" -- (2)

*1) An Islamic State*
*2) Foundations of an Islamic State*
*3) Essentials of an Islamic State*
*4) Sovereignty and democracy in an Islamic State*
*5) Other incidents of an Islamic State, according to the ulama*
*6) Legislature and legislation*
*7) Position of non-Muslims*
*8) Apostasy*
*9) Propagation of other religions*
*10) Jihad*
*11) Reaction on Muslims of non-Muslim states*
*12) Other incidents*
*13) Khwaja Nazim-ud-din's reaction to the demands*


*The whole Munir Report*


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