Source: Abu'l-Fazl 'Allami, A'IN-I AKBARI (3 vols.). Vol. 1 trans. H. Blochmann, 1927. Vol. 1, pp. 49-50. Ed. *ZDJ*

Book 1, Chapter 17: The Encampment of the Army

Although his Majesty but rarely collects his armies, a large number of troops accompany him in whatever direction an expedition may go; but a considerable number, in every province, are employed on various services, and are not allowed to follow him. On account of the crowding of camp-followers, and the number of the troops themselves, it would take a soldier days to find his tent; and how much worse would it be for a stranger? His Majesty has invented an admirable method of encamping his troops, which is a source of much comfort to them. On an open ground they pitch the imperial seraglio, the audience hall, and the Naqara-khana, all occupying a space the length of which is 1530 yards. To the right and left, and behind, is an open space of 360 yards, which no one but the guards is allowed to enter. Within it, at a distance of 100 yards to the left and the centre, are the tents of Maryam Makani (title given to Akbar’s mother), and Gulbadan Begum, and other chaste ladies, and the tents of Prince Danyal; to the right, those of Prince Sultan Salim; and to the left, those of Prince Shah Murad. Behind their tents, at some distance, the offices and workshops are placed, and at a further distance of 30 yards behind them, at the four corners of the camp, the bazaars. The nobles are encamped without on all sides, according to their rank.

The guards for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday encamp in the centre; those for Sunday and Monday, on the right; and those for Tuesday and Wednesday, on the left.

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