Abu'l-Fazl 'Allami
selections from his
AKBAR-NAMA ('Chronicle of Akbar')

*Introduction by FWP*

*Table of Contents, Vol. 2* (1556-1572)
 and from its latter part, the
A'IN-I AKBARI ('Institutes of Akbar')

*Introduction by Zachary David Jones*

*Table of Contents*

== COMPLETE TEXTS of both works from the *Packard Humanities Institute*: the *Akbar-nama* and the *A'in-i Akbari*

== Another complete text of the Akbar-namah: *vol. 1*; *vol. 2*

== An anti-Akbar perspective from another contemporary historian: *Badayuni's 'Muntakhab ul-Tavarikh'*
== Blochmann, H., "Biography of Shaikh Abulfazl 'Allami" [a preface to the A'in-e Akbari translation]: *Packard*

== Linda T. Darling, "'Do Justice, Do Justice, For That is Paradise': Middle Eastern Advice for Indian Muslim Rulers" (2002): *CSSAAE*

== M. Athar Ali, "The Evolution of the Perception of India: Akbar and Abu'l Fazl," Social Scientist (1996): *DSAL*

== "Akbar," a special issue ofSocial Scientist (1992): *DSAL*

== Richard von Garbe, Akbar, Emperor of India, trans. by Lydia G. Robinson (1909): *Project Gutenberg*

== (Some much later *Akbar-Birbal jokes*)


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