A modern Mughal-style poly-elephant by an artist named Ramesh Sharma-- what better evocation of Indian literature?

Source: http://search.sothebys.com/browse/viewLot/lotDetail.jsp?LOT_ID=7P3K
(downloaded July 2001)

Curioso Elephanta. Gouache and Gemstones on Stiff Paper.

The presenting image is a field of grey elephants on the periphery with an unusual central elephant in polychrome. A closer examination reveals a composite elephant made up of intricately intertwined humans and beasts in a symbiotic relationship. It is painted by Ramesh Sharma who sells his work regularly through Christies, South Kensington, London. The expert at this auction house says, "Ramesh Sharma is one of the most accomplished contemporary Jaipur artists reproducing Mughal art". Islamic and Oriental Works of Art, 9/12/200, page 266.

Date of Object: 20th Century. Style/Period/Movement: Mughal. Title/Name: Field of Elephants. Materials & Techniques: Gouache, Ruby and Emerald Chips and Seed Pearls on Paper. Creator: Ramesh Sharma. Size: 12 x 15 inches.