=*Bibliography of Indian Philosophy*, a scholarly and helpful text finder

=*MANAS*, an excellent general historical/cultural overview site

=*The Internet Indian History Sourcebook*, with many useful online texts

=*Journal of South Asian Literature*, archives online through DSAL.

=*SASIALIT* -- a discussion group for South Asian literature in English and in translation; their list of inks is well organized and very helpful

=MANUSHI, an excellent "journal about women and society," published from Delhi: [site]; and its archives: [site

=*MONSOON*, a useful online magazine on South Asian literature in English

=*PARABAAS translation page*, an excellent set of English-language resources about Bengali literature.

=*SOUTH ASIA WOMEN WRITERS* -- a helpful overview of a number of modern writers

=*Women Writers from India*, a great access portal with much information, maintained by the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Their *Women Writers from Pakistan* list is less developed as yet.

=*Journal of Arts and Ideas*, a literary/artistic/theoretical Indian journal

=*Bangladeshi novels*, an overview site

=*Nineteenth-century American journalism on India*, on this site

=*Dictionary of Indian Biography*, by Charles Edward Buckland, 1906

=*The Historians' History of the World, vol XXII: The British Empire*, by Henry Smith Williams, 1907

=*Muse India archives*, special journal issues on many Indian languages and literary topics


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