Folk Romance in Urdu and Hindi

by Frances W. Pritchett (1985)

*A Note about Diacritics*
*Chapter One: Qissa and Dastan*
*Chapter Two: Qissa and Mass Printing*
*Chapter Three: Qissah-e Hatim Ta'i*
*Chapter Four: Sinhasan Battisi*
*Chapter Five: Qissa Tota Maina*
*Chapter Six: Saranga Sadavrij*
*Chapter Seven: Sit Basant*
*Chapter Eight: Qissa and Oral Narrative*
*Chapter Nine: Qissa as a Genre*

*Appendix A*: The South Asia Microform Project Publication Records
*Appendix B*: Qissa Bibliography -- Major Works
*Appendix C*: Qissa Bibliography -- General Listing


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