by C. M. Naim

="Some Tangential Thoughts on Adab and Civility," presented at a workshop in Islamabad, May 2012: [on this site]

="Two Amazing Achievements," Mar. 2009: [on this site]

="The Cry of His Tears," by Hamid Mir, trans. by CMN from Jang (Lahore), Jan. 8, 2008: [on this site]; the original Urdu: [on this site]

="Ralph Russell, the Subaltern Urduwala," a memorial posted to a listserv, Sept. 15, 2008: [on this site]

="Urdu ki na'i ghazal, 1950 se 1970 tak," a handout of verse selections made by CMN for a talk he gave in 2005: [on this site] (with thanks to Namrata Kanchan for providing it)


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