DELHI, 1857 (1858)

"The City of Delhi Before the Siege," from the Illustrated London News, Jan. 16, 1858; CLICK ON EITHER HALF OF THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN, and note that the map looks SOUTHWARD, with the viewer positioned NORTH of the city

Source: ebay, Feb. 2006. With thanks to William Dalrymple for help in identifying various sites.

A great many views of the more important places in the old city: *images of Shahjahanabad*
For comparison: *a view of Shahjahanabad from the Ridge camp, during the Rebellion*

Roughly toward the left side of the map (here's *a map with red dots* to help): Roughly toward the right side of the map (here's *a map with red dots* to help):
1. The Jumna
3. Pontoon Bridge
4. Salimghur, an ancient fort [on the river just north of the Red Fort, though its number seems to be missing or obscured]; *Routes*
5. Palace and Gardens
6. The Marble Hall, or Throne-room
7. Main street of Delhi, Chandni Chauk
8. Canal-street
9. The Banking-house; *engraving* [formerly *Begum Sumroo's palace*]
10. The Jumma Musjid
11. The Sadoola Khan [a large chauk or square created by Shah Jahan's vazir]
13. Negumbod Gate [near Nigambodh Ghat]
21. Turkoman Gate; *nowadays*
22. Delhi Gate [of the city, not the Palace]; *nowadays*
23. Gaol
24. Lunatic asylum
25. English church
[25 1/2: the old Residency, between the church and the Magazine]
26. Magazine and Store Houses; *1858*; *"the old powder magazine which was blown up during the Mutiny"*
27. Skinner's House
30. Kutb Minar; *Routes*
31. Ruins of Ancient Delhi; *Routes*
2. Offshoot of the Jumna
12. The Musjid Fetihpore
14. Cashmere Gate; *1858*; *nowadays*
15. Moree Gate; *1858*
16. Cabul Gate and Water Gate; *1858*
17. The Canal
18. Lahore Gate [of the city, not the Palace]
19. Hindoo College [the Madrasa of Ghazi ud-din Khan]
20. Ajmere Gate; *nowadays*
28. Customs House
29. Martello Towers [guard posts, marked at various points around the walls]; *example*

*A medium-sized complete view of this map*

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