A miscellany of maps from c.1800 to c.1850

1799 (c.2004) *Mysore after 1799*-- from an excellent Tipu Sultan website by the *National Galleries of Scotland*

various *Rumsey maps**: one India map from 1758 (Coromandel Coast, by d'Anville) and about 20 from the 1800's, including the Tallis "Overland Routes" one

1801 *India, 1801*, an atlas map by J. Russell, London

1806 *l'Inde, 1806*, an atlas map by E. Herisson, Paris

1807 *Hindoostan or Modern India, 1807*, by John Wilkes, London

1808 *Peninsula of India, 1808*, by C. Smith, London

1808 *Asia, 1808**, by R. Brookes, Dublin (P-C)

1823 *Hindoostan, 1823*, from Walker's Atlas, London

1837 *Hindoustan, 1837*, a small French map by A. M. Perrot

1845 *India, 1845*, by Alexander Findlay

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