A miscellany of maps from the later 1700's

1761 *The Deccan and South India* by Andrew Dury
c.1760 on *India and Southeast Asia* by Lattré
1767 *India* by Sylvanus Urban, London
1767 *Asia* by Georges-Louis Le Rouge, Paris

1767 on *India and Asia* by Jean-Baptiste Clouet
1770 *Asia and beyond* by Jean Rousset de Missy
1778 *India* by Thomas Bowen
1778 *Asia and India* by A. Bell (Encyclopedia Britannica)
1782- *Atlas maps* by John Abraham Bayly
1784 *Portuguese and Dutch possessions*, a Spanish map
1789 *The East Indies* by William Guthrie
1792 *"Las Indias Orientales"*, two Spanish maps of Asia
1798 *Hind, Hindostan, or India* by William Faden
1799 *Asia and its Islands**, by John W. Norie (LC, zoom)
1799 *"Hindoostan or India"* from Walker's Geography and Atlas

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