*"The Cambridge Modern History Atlas,"
edited by Sir Adolphus William Ward, G.W. Prothero, Sir Stanley Mordaunt Leathes, and E.A. Benians (London: Cambridge University Press, 1912)*

*"The Age of Discovery" (1400's)*

*"The Ottoman Advance in Europe and Asia Minor" (1400-1500's)*

*"Portuguese, Dutch, and English in the East, c.1650"*

*"Europe in 1792"*

*"India: the Beginnings of British Dominion"*

*"India in 1804: the Mysore & Maratha Wars 1792-1804"*

  *"The Eastern Frontier of India and Neighbouring Countries: French and English Expansion 1805-7"*

*"The Eastern World: European Colonies and Dependencies, 1815"*

  *"India in the 19th Century: British Expansion 1805-1910"*

  *"Northern India: The Mutiny 1857-9"*

  *"The Western Frontier of India and Neighbouring Countries"*

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