(Closer views of: *the northwest*; *the northeast*; *the southwest*; *the southeast*)

"Nona Asiae Tabula" and "Decima Asiae Tabula" and "Duodecima Asiae Tabula," from one of the earliest editions of Ptolemy's 'Cosmographia', published by Arnold Buckinck (successor of Conrad Sweynheym), Rome, 1478. Columbus used maps from this edition in preparing for his voyages. CLICK ON EITHER HALF OF A MAP FOR A LARGE SCAN. Further information and images concerning these maps: *courtesy of Robert Peerlings*.

For comparison: "Nona Asiae Tabula" by Johan Reger, Ulm, 1482: *Aria*; *Paropanisus*; *Drangiana*; *Arachosia*; *Gedrosia*

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