"FIGHTING CLANS" of the British Empire, 1918

"The Fighting Clans of our Indian Empire," from The Graphic, Sept. 21, 1918; CLICK ON ANY QUARTER FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN

"The Empire of India, whose suzerainty extends from Aden in the west to Tenasserim in the east, a span of 3000 miles, has for over 3000 years produced a succession of warrior peoples, the bulk of whom, descended from the Aryans, are racially believed to be derived from the same great family as the English, for whom they have so often fought during the last century. The Warrior Clans, indicated above in white lettering, have each figured prominently in the past history of India, having built up in succession powerful States, which are now, instead of engaging in exhausting internecine war, cemented ... whole, whose gallant troops are fighting gloriously side by side ... country whose beneficial administration has made this ... [parts of the caption had been torn away]

Source: Bought on ebay and scanned by FWP, Apr. 2006

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