GOA, c.1750

Bellin's plan of Goa, c.1750; CLICK ON  THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN

"Vue de Goa, by Bellin: with very large scans of the *left part* and the *right part* of the engraving

Bellin's "Map of the port of Goa and its surroundings," 1764; with modern hand coloring

Bellin's apparent source: this map (with modern hand coloring) from Philip Baldaeus's work 'A true and exact description of the most celebrated East-India coasts of Malabar and Coromandel and also of the Isle of Ceylon', published in Amsterdam, 1672 by Jansssonius van Waasberge en van Someren, with later reprint editions.

For comparison, to show the pervasiveness of the kind of borrowing that Bellin often did:

*"Goa Indiae Orientalis Metropolis," by Pieter Boudewyn van der Aa, 1719* (BL). This plan was reproduced from one by Jan Jansson, 1657: *overview*; *left half*; *right half*; *detail*; *key*. Another reproduction was published *by M. Merian, 1646* (*a detail*; *key*).  Both of these borrowed from an earlier work, the "Itinerario" (Amsterdam, 1596) by *Jan Huyghen van Linschoten*, who had secretly copied it from Portuguese maps.

*Early views of Goa*

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