MADRAS, 1746 [1758]

"Plan of Madras and of the Fort of St. George, taken by the French the 24th September 1746," by Jacques Nicholas Bellin, Paris, 1758; CLICK ON THE MAP OR THE LEGEND FOR VERY LARGE SCANS

Madras surrendered Sept. 10, 1746, and was restored to the English on Aug. 21, 1749, in accordance with the terms of the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle; *Macaulay's account, in his essay on Clive*

An English version of the map drawn for the Universal Magazine, London, 1751; CLICK ON THE MAP FOR A VERY LARGE SCAN

*Bellin's Madras map of 1764*, in which he recognizes the return to Company rule; with modern hand coloring

Compare *"A Plan of Fort St. George and the City of Madras," by Herman Moll, London, 1726*

*Early views of Madras*

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