MUGHAL EMPIRE and other atlas maps, 1721

"Mogol," by Nicholas de Fer and J. Robbe, from 'Methode pour apprende facilement la geographie', Paris, 1721: *the whole map*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast* (shown above); *a large, uncolored scan of the whole map*

Other maps from the same atlas:

*Asia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*; *South and Southeast Asia*
*South India and Southeast Asia*; *South India*; *Southeast Asia*
*Indonesia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*China*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Tartary*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Russia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Persia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Anatolia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

*Africa*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

*Europe*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Britain*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Denmark*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*France*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Germany*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Greece*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Hungary*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Italy*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Netherlands*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Poland*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Scandinavia*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*Spain*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

*North America*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*
*South America*: *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*


"Plan de Pondichery," by Nicholas de Fer, Paris, 1705

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