INDIA, c.1705 on

"The Empire of the Great Mogol," from Henri Chatelain, 'Atlas Historique, ou nouvelle introduction à l`histoire, à la géographique ancienne & moderne', c.1720 [first ed. 1705]; (with modern hand coloring); *the whole page*; *the Kingdom of Kashmir*; *a detail: elephants fighting*; *a detail: the Emperor being weighed against valuables*; *a detail: "Manner in which they burn the dead"*

"Mogol," a slightly modified version of the map, from an edition published in Amsterdam, 1713

A slightly later version, Paris, 1725

Persia and the Mughal empire, from "Nouvelle carte de l'Asia" in the same work (with modern hand coloring): *the whole map*; *northwest*; *northeast*; *southwest*; *southeast*

From "Mapmonde ou description Generale du Globe Terrestre," from the same work; *the whole map on its page*; *North America*; *South America*; *the sun*; *the moon*; *list of the countries of Asia*; *list of the countries of Africa and America*

From a map of ancient Asia, in the same work; *the whole map*; *the map on its page*

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